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Fox News has fallen and it can't get up. Ratings for the month of May 2014, have just been published, and the numbers are devastating for Fox News . While still occupying the top slot among the ...
by News Corpse
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The Christmas Wars: It has suddenly become clear why Fox News has been so fixated on inciting a "War on Christmas." It must be because the Christmas season has been devastatingly cruel to Fox News. ...
by News Corpse
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In another example of the declining fortunes of the right-wing extremism propagated by conservative media and displayed so prominently by the GOP family of clowns competing for the Republican ...
by News Corpse
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MSNBC has beaten the competition in terms of audience growth consistently for the last twelve months. So it should come as no surprise that MSNBC's tally for 2006 shows not only ...
by KingOneEye
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This is becoming redundant, but the latest ratings survey ...
by News Corpse
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As the numbers come in for the second quarter, cable news networks are all putting on their best spin to wrangle positive stories that promote how much better they are than their competition. It's ...
by KingOneEye
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by KingOneEye
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by jasonbl
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On his program Monday, Bill O'Reilly had another episode of Ratings Derangement Syndrome . I first reported this malady exactly ...
by KingOneEye
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Cross-posted at immizen.com . Sure, overall State of the Union ratings from yesterday's address are down from last year, but we want to take a look at what is happening to Fox News. Fox News ...
by healthy
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Confirming the ratings slowdown of Fox News post-election, the November ratings show Fox with a comparatively small increase for November 2012 over their numbers for the same month in 2011. The ...
by News Corpse
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by distributorcap
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[If You Like This, Be Sure To Like News Corpse On Facebook ] If you've ever wondered what Fox News gets out of its frenzied pursuit of controversy, look no further than the Nielsen ratings for the ...
by News Corpse
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Well, here is some interesting news, Univision has beat out all the other networks, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and CW for the coveted 18-34 demographic. While not exactly surprising with how the ...
by pinche tejano
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For the year 2006 (as compared to 2005) - MSNBC's ratings were up, while Fox's were down..... Sorry Bill, one of the lefty networks who is un-American for commenting on the pitiful spectacle of ...
by distributorcap
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first the good news Olbermann's audience continues to grow According to Nielsen.. For February 2007 total viewers were 727,000, which is up from 404,000 in February 2006, or an 80% increase (MSNBC ...
by distributorcap
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by distributorcap
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I checked the Nielsen numbers today, just to see what Americans are watching. I was curious to see where FOX news programs lined up on the top ten cable list and low and behold their was Bill-O ...
by Crazylegs
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As Bill 'Orally' was on 'Fixed Noise' this morning (by phone), he attempted to explain his loss to BOTH 'Countdown' and Rachel Maddow in the Nielson ratings as a conspiracy.
by je strohl
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Since 9-11 the GOP has been running on a jingoistic and criminally belligerent belief that the American people are a bunch of brown-person-hating huns and oil-hungry imperialists who would rather ...
by SteamPunkX
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