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The Republican Party and the conservative movement are terrified by Eric Holder and stopping Holder has become a matter of self-preservation for the Party of Failure. They are afraid that an active, ...
by dengre
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by Al Rodgers
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The first I heard about a major high speed rail bill being worked on by Senator Kerry came from ...
by beachmom
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Update: a few (only a 1/2 dozen+/-) Commentors have taken strenuous issue with me and seem obsessed on what they see as the temerity of this entire Diary. Such is ...
by BenGoshi
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We Democrats should’ve been unapologetic this week defending Speaker Pelosi because the truth was on our side: She had a right to go. And she was right to go. The coordinated attack on her ...
by John Kerry
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Remember on "Meet the Depressed" when Arlen Specter said: Host David Gregory challenged that answer, asking whether the agreement to keep his Senate seniority was an inducement. "No, ...
by brooklynbadboy
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The Associated Press is reporting that Pennsylvania senator Arlen Specter has had a recurrence of cancer. ...
by checkmate
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PREFACE : A group of distinguished intelligence and military officers, diplomats, and law enforcement professionals delivered an urgent message this morning to the chairman ...
by L C Johnson
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This is for real. When it finally came time for the Committee to meet and ...
by rossl
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Listening to Arlen Specter on Meet The Press - When Gregory asked him if he would support a Public Option for Health Reform, he said flatly, "No, I would not support a public option. I would ...
by Cassandra77
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Senator Arlen Specter is taking the lead in a disingenuous attack on Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder. It is not a surprise that Karl Rove is orchestrating this fear and panic ...
by dengre
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...let us remind ourselves on this Sunday of the "Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have once again bought a Specter in poke" that we ourselves told ourselves that one Joseph Lieberman, if not ...
by JeffLieber
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In a move that surprised very few, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham left the heterosexual community of which he is thought to have been a part for many years and announced that henceforth he will ...
by AWhitneyBrown
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A life spent in public service should not go unacknowledged and unappreciated.
by Cinnamon
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Many have condemned the Bush administration for its contempt for the Constitution. Bush at best paid lip service to the Constitution, and when it inconvenienced him he simply ignored it. And he ...
by Geekesque
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Does any Democrat in the Senate remember that we actually won on November 4? Senator Patrick Leahy's statement on delaying the confirmation hearings for Eric Holder, nominee for Attorney General,
by Kaili Joy Gray
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This is from Lloyd Doggett's (D-TX) town hall:
by icebergslim
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I'm no fan of Arlen Specter, but accusing the man of dementia is both wrong and counterproductive. Posting a video that shows him ...
by Laurence Lewis
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The letter sent Monday to Senator Harry Reid, Majority Leader, written by Senator Michael Bennet CO , co-signed in the original by Senators Kirsten ...
by Catskill Julie
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I don't know who fed the media this point, or maybe they just couldn't ignore the wealth of hypocrisy surrounding the right-wing hissy fit over Nancy Pelosi, but they have started to inexplicably ...
by dday
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