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A year ago, I took my seat in "the world's greatest deliberative body" as the 17th U.S. senator for New Mexico. The respect that I hold for the institution of the U.S. Senate is immeasurable, as is ...
by SenatorTomUdall
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Tom Udall wanted me to get you this statement as quickly as possible, now that the bailout bill has gone to a vote: I cannot in good conscience vote for a rushed $700 billion taxpayer ...
by Tom Udall for Senate
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The FISA bill we considered today would compromise the constitutionally guaranteed rights that make America a beacon of hope around the world. Today's vote was not easy. I stood up to leaders of my ...
by Tom Udall for Senate
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Monday, we were told. Monday was the day that the full effect of the Biden-Palin showdown (viewed by 70 million folks) would be known. Frank Luntz on Fox News even breathlessly told us to "watch the ...
by Steve Singiser
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It's official: the Obama administration has given up on its "Wild Lands" policy. ...
by RLMiller
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It's a very exciting day for us here at the Tom Udall for Senate campaign. The Associated Press reports that ...
by Tom Udall for Senate
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by jeff06dem
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Barack Obama wasn't the only person who enjoyed a convention bounce. I've been doing ...
by kos
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Sunday, October 29, 2006, the news broke: Jerry Brady, Democratic candidate for Governor of Idaho, was just one point behind his opponent. On Tuesday, we learned the Cook Political Report changed ...
by Daniel Donner
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Martin Heinrich This is what winning in November looks like two months out. Not only is the National Republican Senatorial ...
by Joan McCarter
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After President Obama wins re-election next week (keep up the hard work!), the U.S. Senate will still be an obstacle to his efforts to meet our big challenges for one simple reason: the routine ...
by Jeff Merkley
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With about three weeks until election day, and 43 polls in the hopper from this weekend and Monday, we can draw a few very tenuous conclusions about the state of play in the 2012 election cycle: ...
by Steve Singiser
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I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the fine people of DailyKos , MyDD , and ...
by Tom Udall for Senate
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Sandy stalled more than the political campaigns today (well, one of them, at least). After a record triple-digit poll count on Monday, today we saw releases from just 39 polls. That would be less ...
by Steve Singiser
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by Steve Singiser
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It's only a rumor so far, but we might see NM Commissioner of Indian Affairs Benny Shendo announce a run for the House seat Rep. Tom Udall is giving up to run for the Senate. Benny is from Jemez ...
by Land of Enchantment
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by Tom Udall for Senate
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Pessimism would seem to be the watchword of the day, if you are a supporter of the president. Simply put, you have to go back...way back...to find a polling day that was as consistently poor for ...
by Steve Singiser
Comment Count 439 comments on Tue Oct 09, 2012 at 06:30 PM PDT with 43 Recommends
For all intents and purposes, the post-convention period is now in the books. Even the slow-moving (by design, courtesy of that seven-day window) Gallup poll now has more than two-thirds of its ...
by Steve Singiser
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If Republicans can't get Todd Akin out of the race, they'll look for a way around Missouri. Republicans are scrambling to figure out ...
by Laura Clawson
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