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by ilona
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by Troutfishing
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As many of you might recall, my partner and I were involved in an anti-gay incident at the Fort Lauderdale Airport about two ...
by ANLawProf
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by ilona
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Salam alekum from Kabul fellow Kossacks! For previous diaries: Dispatch #1 ,
by kimoconnor
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[http://communityquiltproject.com/2011/03/31/community-quilt-project-have-a-heart-and-help-us-get-a-nn11-booth/ Cross posted from Community Quilt Project]
by Sara R
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I work with a regional breed rescue based out of Winston-Salem, NC. While I lived in that city I was able to help with grooming, transport, and fostering. After moving to Seattle, WA, my husband ...
by Strange New World
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Pessimism towards the charges against Greg Mortenson as well as pessimism towards Mortenson's defense seem to cast shades of gray on everything in his home town of Bozeman, MT. Then it snows....
by Cabbage Rabbit
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This is a bleg, of sorts. But it's a bleg for a worthy cause that I have absolutely no personal interest in, and it won't cost anyone other than American Express a dime. You may have seen ...
by Jake McIntyre
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by lowkell
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Up until a few years ago (about when I moved out of my parent's house) I was truly under the impression that homeless people were pretty much wastes. Addicts, losers, nobodies. Basically...they ...
by Rubicon
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The never ending ignorance of the GOP is not new, and really should no longer be shocking, but when John McCain said on Friday: “$50 million in funding for the National Endowment ...
by ackeegirl
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I did the early registration thing, and was really excited about joining y'all for my first Netroots Nation next month in San Jose. Ain't gonna happen. Since registering, I got assigned to direct ...
by jgilhousen
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A Sentimental Idiot's ...
by Fun With Fire and Knives
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For the last couple of months I've been researching what it takes to build a solar power plant. Not to power a single house, one that could power hundreds of houses. I know there are lots of ...
by steve nelson
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by Sharon Jumper
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Never let it be said liberals don't support the troops. During the first Gulf War, I began collecting books to send to my college friends serving in Saudi Arabia. I must have sent hundreds of books.
by StormBear
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Alright, so fuck you. Fuck you GOP. More invocations below the fold.
by La Gitane
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So, I've been a lurker for way too long ... but now I come to the community here, hat in hand, to ask for your assistance.
by Todd42873
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by HollywoodOz
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