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Fifty years ago, the notorious Bull Connor ordered white firemen to turn their high pressure firehoses on the demonstrators once again. But this time, on this day, they refused. How did this happen?
by samdiener
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Cross-posted from ...
by thereisnospoon
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For some reason, white people (I know, I know, #not all white people, but for your sake and my blood pressure's sake, PLEASE don't go there) like to think that they know blah people and blah history ...
by Chitown Kev
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After successfully blocking construction of the US-Mexico border wall for 7 hours on December 17, Judy Ackerman was handcuffed and led away from the construction site. She had been on the site ...
by No Border Wall
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It began two months ago, ...
by Progressive Witness
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Photo by Felicia ...
by boatsie
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It's Nam, Nehnu Nastatyeh! in Arabic. Si Se Puede! in Spanish, a cry that was heard on the lettuce fields of California in a movement begun by a man from Delano.
by Tom J
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Around the United States, peace groups are engaged in effective campaigns against proposed new military installations, local funding of weapons companies, and the routine destruction of the ...
by David Swanson
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I wrote the following in response to observations by Josh Marshall (and many others) about their belief that last night's convention was a failed opportunity. They thought it was a failed ...
by NCJan
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Lest we forget, we do have a two front war going on, under the pretense of a "War Against Terror". Protest song modified from the original by Kevin Camp.
by cabaretic
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Michael Nagler tells this story: "One of my close friends, David Hartsough, who is white, was sitting in with a small group of civil rights activists at a segregated lunch counter in Virginia in ...
by David Swanson
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Crossposted in Immizen.com Everybody has heard about the Harlem Shake video phenomenon which started sometime early February by this bunch of Australian dudes and is now taking over the world. ...
by healthy
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