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And I'm not even joking. I have never heard of this and certainly didn't expect anywhere near this degree of response from the government, and rapidly no less! On Tuesday at the Union hall we met ...
by bluebarnstormer
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I saw a clip this morning on CBS' Up To The Minute . Here's the entire 60 Minutes segment.
by Unforgiven
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Amid the endless (and endlessly confusing) Beltway chatter about the deal that supposedly will keep the U.S. economy from gunning it over the fiscal cliff on New Year’s Day, one thing has already ...
by billmon
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by MattWuerker
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Earlier this month, a tweet from Slate political reporter Dave Weigel saying "Gov. Scott Walker just left ATR/Norquist Xmas Party” was the first news to most Wisconsin residents that their ...
by WePartyPatriots
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The right could be on the verge of collapsing like an abused souflle of evil. The dish they've served is just less and less appetizing. But there seems to be a change in the wind here (does it blow ...
by TheGrandWazoo
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by Bill Moyer
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Oh my, one has to wonder what exactly is going on in the ol' Republican camp these days. In their throaty rush to try and revive the Obama is Muslim meme and tie it to the Muslim Brotherhood for the ...
by Patience John
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Just letting the kossacks in on this stunt. Sharing is caring y'all! #...
by 100ProofPolitics
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Well seems the tobacco industry, plenty more, loves dealing with them “social welfare” nonprofits that don't do political advocacy, snicker, snicker! Tobacco giant funded conservative ...
by jimstaro
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For those of you who were not watching events in Texas in 1993, the collider that is just being started up in Europe - a gigantic scientific device to explore sub-atomic particles - was first ...
by Steve Love
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Sounds like a this might be worth recycling a time or two ... Tweety brings it by Blue Girl, theygaveusarepublic.com -- Jan 07, 2010 Props to Chris "Tweety" Matthews for this one! Last night one ...
by jamess
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http://frontpagemag.com/2010/08/23/the-ground-zero-mosque%E2%80%99s-conservative-supporter/2/ In a wacky turn of events, conservative fringe elements have denounced 'bathtub murderer' Grover ...
by Chrisfs
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Am I delusional to remember Diane Rehm's NPR show once offered thoughtful consideration of important issues? That Diane's "conservative" guests didn't, or weren't allowed , to bluster, bully, yell,
by rablrouzer
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Tensions over tax policy escalated today as Grover Norquist became so carried away he cast decorum aside and charged that President Obama won on the basis of portraying Mitt Romney as ...
by HoundDog
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(In this case, RIP meaning "retire in peace," and shut up, go home, blah.) Sorry to burst your bubble, readers, but he isn't physically gone, it's just that (potentially), Grovers' powers are fading.
by imobannon
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via Teagan Goddard's Political Wire Independents, Moderates See GOP Sabotaging ...
by TheGrandWazoo
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I was finally able to sit down and watch Real Time yesterday as my Friday night had consisted of Chinese takeout smothered with caramelized sugar and sesame seeds. Consequently I was in no shape to ...
by Mr Jones
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I thought I'd seen everything, but this really takes the cake. You've probably all heard of Grover Norquist's crackpot Reagan Legacy Project . This ...
by RenMin
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Having a Grover moment today... I guess he wanted this. So here goes: Grover's Highlight Reel: 
New Orleans/Katrina 
I-35 Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis (Site of this year's Republi(can'
by ch0828a
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