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by Hunter
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As with American Indians in other areas, the Northern California Indians traditionally viewed human beings, plants, animals, and objects as living things—“people”—who were ...
by Ojibwa
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Okay, so I'm still trying to get the pictures off my phone. And if I don't get them off then this diary will be a waste, please don't flame for my attempt, however. Obama's Northern California ...
by bollucks
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Triple-A has been American drivers’ friend almost since U.S. roads linked the nation together. It has rescued families from flat tires and worse. It has planned millions of family vacations and ...
by Consumer Watchdog
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[http://www.contracostatimes.com/news/ci_11528426?source=rss Scientists: link] Trees in old-growth forests of the western United States are dying at twice the usual rate, and scientists ...
by CornSyrupAwareness
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Doug LaMalfa--the North State GOP Congressional candidate (CA-01) who is still being ribbed in the national media for his mid-September claim that abortion causes breast cancer --is back with ...
by maxnorton
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By Natasha Minsker, Death Penalty Policy Director, ACLU of Northern California In the market for a prime piece of real estate? Governor Schwarzenegger has the deal for you! Facing ...
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On my move to Chico I decided to take on a new project of my own creation. I have found in my on going Phycho-social recovery program staying busy is key. So I started The Bread Project, being ...
by l3m0n
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Northern California is gonna be really hot tomorrow, because of a high pressure area that will stifle ocean breezes. Sacramento, Fresno, the peninsula are all predicted to get to 99-101, and I ...
by seesdifferent
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I have been looking forward to publishing my first diary with KOS. A lot of stuff has come to mind but the issues around immigration have really been part of my experience for the last twenty years -
by galex4life
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The National Park Service acknowledged that 250+ Tule Elk, native to California, died over the last two years. A likely culprit is the ongoing Californian drought. However, it is not ...
by Walter Einenkel
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by RandyMI
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by practicalmatters
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This is a news story originating in a tiny sleepy village called Westport on the North Coast of California, where hippies and retiring liberal yuppies have been making their way up into the ...
by Drummond
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As a disabled veteran wanting to learn more about his new home town, I was very surprised by the lack of tours about this very historic town. So I decided maybe I could do something in Chico like ...
by l3m0n
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Right now states across the nation are engaging in congressional redistricting, as mandated by law after the 2010 Census. Most redistricting is in the hands of politicians and thus heavily corrupted;
by Inoljt
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I've been helping Obama get re-elected by making phone calls at BarackObama.com . (It's easy! Try it!) :) But one voter I talked to pointed out something very important to me... She wanted to ...
by densityland
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