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Last night, Weatherdude published a very good diary, which you can find here . But he just scratched the surface. There is another article here that also illustrates the crisis. But again, that ...
by Im a frayed knot
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"P-shaw" says you. As though even the likes of even Foxed-up News would go so far as to propose eliminating the NWS while a deadly hurricane (Irene) chews up the east coast of the USA and is taking ...
by Celtic Merlin
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The Conservative answer to the Daily Show, Fox's Half Hour News Hour has officially called it quits according ...
by DJShay
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They say that in Fargo/Moorhead, we’ll probably get a 38-foot flood this year. By “they” I mean the National Weather Service (NWS) and their Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service. In ...
by Dbug
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by Hunter
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Commentary: African American Scientists and Inventors by Black Kos Editor, Sephius1 Lloyd Albert Quarterman was born in Philadelphia on May 31, 1918. As a young boy he soon discovered his passion ...
by Black Kos
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An estimated 10,000 walrus were unable to find sea ice and have come ashore on a barrier island near Point Lay, an Inupiat Eskimo village 300 miles southwest of Barrow and 700 miles northwest of ...
by Pakalolo
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This is the second diary I have written concerning the troubles at News Corp with the first published back in November when the news leaked out that Rupert Murdoch was in trouble. http://paul94611....
by paul94611
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DOW when Bush took office: 10,659 DOW futures now – 11,550 NASDAQ when Bush took office : 2,841 NASDAQ futures now - 2,340 Unemployment when Bush took office - 4.0% Unemployment now - 5.0% U.S.
by Brahman Colorado
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The grim pictures coming out of the Deep South are just incomprehensible to me; being someone who lives in the Pacific Northwest, we normally don't get that kind of stuff out here. My heart goes ...
by SeaChange
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Just heard on Rachel Maddow's radio show, and I couldn't belive it, but I searched nypost.com and it's true. New York Post GOSSIP columnist Richard Johnson has published Keith Olbermann's ...
by figurefive
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I apologize in advance for the ramblyness of my comments, it's 3am, I have a beer in my hand, but for all who stick with me, thank you. I am a federal employee. I'm sure I'm not alone on this site.
by SeaChange
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This is the second day Fox has declared that Al Qaeda is behind California wildfires. Video at http://rawstory.com/news/2007/Fox_hypes_Qaeda_plotted_fires_theory_1025.html "How do ...
by AHiddenSaint
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News Corp. Chair, Rupert Murdoch, lets loose with another truth eruption. He previously confessed that he tried to shape public ...
by KingOneEye
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O-right, as we say in Jersey: here’s me cutting myself into the Sunday news talk shows again. This time it's Fox News Sunday, and I'm talking with Karl Rove. (continued)
by Bill Prendergast
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Just 9 months after tornadoes tore through Joplin, killing scores of people, and just 10 months after the same thing happened in Birmingham, the President's FY2013 Budget is proposing to cut 100 key ...
by SeaChange
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The armies of consolidation are on the march. Last week, Microsoft made a surprise $44 billion bid for Yahoo. Microsoft is desperately trying to shore up its exposed Internet flank, which Google is ...
by KingOneEye
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I just got this from the Fox Attacks website. Click the link to see a video compilation of the Fox smears against Edwards and Obama. From the email:
by Ekaterin
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Just two days ago, Hannity's friend Ann Coulter, the most evil woman in America, was on with Hannity again. Coulter is a frequent guest of Hannity who serves as a surrogate for Hannity's violent, ...
by davefromqueens
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Rupert Murdoch admitted at Davos that Fox News intentionally tried to manipulate people's opinions regarding Bush policies, including the war. Not only did he try to do it here in the United States ...
by CTReformedRep
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