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by Adam B
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by debcoop
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To thank me. And to thank you. Because over the past two days, we've been demonstrating to Democrats in vulnerable districts that when they stand with our party and for progressive causes,
by Adam B
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Just north of New York City, New York State Assembly member Greg Ball (R) is running against Rep. John Hall (D) for the NY's 19th congressional district. Ball is staging his own sham town halls. ...
by Junkyard Dem
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Not the America Taliban, eh? Republican House Rep Nan Hayworth's campaign spokesman thought that the best way to refute that there is a GOP led war on women was to suggest throwing acid at ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Dems ARE condemning Rush Limbaugh for his repeated attacks against our service members. Enough is enough. I know that there is ...
by Rep John Hall
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I took DavidNYC's list and narrowed it down: who were the House Dems in R-leaning districts who voted for the House health care ...
by Adam B
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by Take19
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I just attended a public forum with my congressman, John Hall of NY's 19th district, more or less still a swing district, on the health care issue, in Fishkill NY. Happily, I can report that the ...
by Randian
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by Steve Singiser
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We've had ...
by Adam B
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Starting ...
by Adam B
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Wavering New York Congressman John Hall (NY-19) announced tonight that he would be voting "Yes" on the Health Care Reform package tomorrow. Below the fold is the text of an email which he sent out ...
by Its the Supreme Court Stupid
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by NYBri
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