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Combing through the unofficial results published by the New York City Board of Elections offers some interesting lessons for future primary challenges. In summary, Governor 1% Andrew Cuomo won in ...
by brooklynbadboy
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On Thursday, 3/5/09, there will be a MAJOR labor protest at City Hall in NYC against the budget cuts proposed by Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Gov. David Patterson because of the economy. Major ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Big news tonight from New York: Sheldon Silver, longtime New York State Assembly Speaker, is slated to be arrested on corruption charges on Thursday, according to the New York Times . It's late ...
by mindoca
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Two amendments to the NYS Constitution and one Bond Act will be on the back side of the NYS paper ballot on November 4th. Until yesterday's local weekly paper was released, I hadn't heard a whisper ...
by weck
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I thought I would share this with my New York City friends and neighbors (and anyone else, of course, that loves surfing). Light on text, but big on video. It's an amazing little short documentary,
by joanbrooker
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I just learned of this today, Sat., Nov. 1 - ACTION NEEDED. Please alert anyone who may need this info. The Westchester County Board of ...
by Blue Waters Run Deep
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If you live in New York State, I'd like to ask for your help on this one. As it happens, Albany has a one-time $5 Billion windfall landing in its 2015 budgetary lap, as a result of big bank ...
by DaveElder
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The Secret Order of the New York State Pension Fund And the Martyr Generation As if we were awakening from a sleeping disorder, we are reminded almost daily of the greed that has ...
by homegrown progress
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As I've become more involved in political activism over the past few years (prompted in no small part by the community here), I've found myself looking for ever more ways to play a part and help ...
by DynamicUno
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For the first time in months, the New York State College Democrats and NY State Young Democrats met to discuss joint efforts at impacting the upcoming election. How we plan on taking back the NYS ...
by NY College Dems
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(x-posted at ACT NOW ) So, ...
by Roatti
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