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Two complementary pieces of news hit the wires today at the always excellent Talking Points Memo : first, the ...
by thereisnospoon
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Not that anything under the Sun is new, but a good chunk of the Left established media (both new and old) are in uproar over the compromise between President Obama and Congressional Republicans on ...
by deaniac83
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Emerging from his midterm beat down, President Obama today instructed his cabinet to make a "sincere and consistent" effort to engage with ...
by Jon Perr
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Tax Breaks are not all that stimulating. If they were, they would have already. There are only approximately 1.18 Million people ...
by War on Error
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Let me be clear, ... when looking at the pay stub, the gap between gross and net can feel painful. ... when having to write a check to pay estimated taxes or end of year additional taxes, I don't ...
by A Siegel
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There is a hugely important practical and symbolic reason why the Democrats absolutely, positively, MUST allow tax rates on net income over $250K to go back to the levels under Bill Clinton. But I ...
by Dave G
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There has to be a way that we can win this. TPM Using a wily procedural ...
by HartfordTycoon
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I am an immigrant from the former Soviet Union - I've been scarred and hate communism and socialism. So, when Senator McCain told me that Obama is a socialist, I got scared and started running ...
by newyorklenny
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BECAUSE the rich STILL GET a tax cut on their first $250,000, just like everybody else! In fact, they get more of a tax cut than those making under $240,000, who get more of a tax cut than those ...
by sd4david
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From the weekend news, it sounds like the Senate will pass the Obama-McConnell tax plan. For the umpteenth time, I contacted my Senators and representative to ask them not to. Seems like a waste ...
by marking time
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Color me confused. Why are we still talking about the Bush tax cuts? Why are we letting the republicans control the narrative on this issue? And why in God's name are we not hearing about the Bush ...
by mickey
Comment Count 20 comments on Fri Nov 12, 2010 at 10:26 AM PST with 13 Recommends
This was a no brainer. The polls numbers are there. Even if the Obama tax cuts didn't pass, you would have looked like you were fighting for the middle class.
by willynel
Comment Count 6 comments on Thu Sep 23, 2010 at 09:18 PM PDT with 11 Recommends
I spent most of today looking for data on taxes. I think it is clear that taxes are too low and we need a tax increase much more than we need spending reductions. I drafted the letter below for ...
by marking time
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The answer to the problem of letting the Bush Tax Cuts expire is so simple that it is almost unbelievable it hasn't been adopted. If Democrats weren't running so scared they could see the clear ...
by arodb
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A lot has been said already, and some around here feel like it is beating a dead horse but i want to make one last attempt to help you get it Mr. President. I have seen all kinds of diaries ...
by wargolem
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by Bcgntn
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Think back to whatever math class you took last, and you'll probably recall the concept of a function , which associates an "output" value for each of its "input" values. Much has been said ...
by TallForAHobbit
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Let me start this essay with a story about the most corrupt Judge in Hoboken N.J. This was just a normal day, and he had just accepted a $10,000 payment from the lawyer for the plaintiff in ...
by arodb
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Can we all just agree that it would be far better to go over the cliff, roll the dice on surviving the bright lights of the blame game for a few weeks ( odds looking good ), and then come out the ...
by Save the clock tower
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The tax cut bill passed - and Senate Republicans immediately went back on their commitment to pass the funding bill. It didn't even take 24 hours. How can we pass a $1T spending bill (Obama ...
by marking time
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