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by One Pissed Off Liberal
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Yes, debt is good. Feeling indebted is even better. 'Cause it means you've got something to be grateful for--somebody's done you a favor, perhaps without even knowing it, and, as a result, you're ...
by hannah
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Well, the debt limit crisis is upon us. Treasury Secretary Geithner says the US Government will not be able to meet all its obligations on August 3, unless the debt ceiling is increased by Congress. ...
by Letsgetitdone
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Of course. Medical care aims to provide for the health and welfare of the people. It's what we organize governments to deliver. Getting Democrats to refute the term is a trick that's designed to ...
by hannah
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by Demfem
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My burden that morning was a zip-lock bag full of pennies. It weighed a good two or three pounds: a shifting mass of copper and zinc the size of two fists in a skin of clear plastic. That bag of ...
by Robert Dobbs
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I've written a lot about jumbo coin seigniorage as a way of getting around the debt ...
by Letsgetitdone
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Would Theodore Roosevelt even recognize the party -- Cuz I don't think they're so well educated that they remember him anymore -- if they can confuse Cesar Chavez for Hugo Chavez, They can confuse ...
by babylonbros
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That would be the headline for stories about the sequester, if truth be told. Because, of course, to sequester is to hide, in this case to segregate dollars instead of people. And hiding involves a ...
by hannah
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Decades ago – long before I became gray and respectable – I was a big fan of the punk rock band Devo. I found myself remembering their second album just now; specifically, the title of ...
by CrustyPolemicist
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by ek hornbeck
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