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by Ivan Carter
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What I find most appalling about our currentWhat I find most appalling about currently struggle about the funding for the "surge" of the Escalator is how a Democratically controlled Congress does ...
by pinche tejano
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On Saturday, Glenn Beck and tens of thousands of his Tea Party faithful descended on Washington supposedly to "
by Jon Perr
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Welcome back! This is the second edition of Constituesday, our weekly series exploring the U.S. constitution from historical and contemporary perspectives. With knowledge in our pockets, we can ...
by kcmitch
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This is the second part, of a two part series, identifying the patterns and tendencies that have enabled unchecked spying in America and related constitutional abuses. The first major cause is a ...
by Ivan Carter
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im·pe·ri·al·ism 1: imperial government, authority, or system 2: the policy, practice, or advocacy of ...
by jamess
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A Open Letter to Jane Harman and Every Democratic and Moderate Republican Member of Congress, on Implementing the Constitution This is an updated and expanded version of an ...
by Ivan Carter
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Much ado is being made of Fred Barnes' article claiming that if Coakley loses, Senator Kirk, the ...
by thefourthbranch
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Who is more terrified, Americans of Usama bin Laden, or the 110th Congress of George W Bush? Will Congress stand petrified in terror of the self-proclaimed Decider and watch in ineffectual ...
by mrcoder
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Crossposted at Politicook.net Last time we got paragraph 4 of Article I, Section 2. We will further investigate Article I this time. As always, the original text is in ...
by Translator
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by syQodem
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Article I of the Constitution of the United States defines the Legislative Branch of the federal government: Congress. First among the co-Equal Branches: This is the original text, I ...
by Zera Lee
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by Southern Mouth
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