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While you guys are facing the worsening-by-the-day consequences of the BP spill, some interesting news came out of the European "oil patch" - ie the North Sea:
by Jerome a Paris
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by Jerome a Paris
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What a surprise. Romney defied his own beliefs to get ahead. The Huffington Post headline reads: Mitt Romney Started Bain With Money from Families Tied To Death Squads. The article by Ryam Grim and ...
by rem123
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I spent most of this week at the big conference organised every two years by EWEA (European Wind Energy Association) on offshore wind , which took place in ...
by Jerome a Paris
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Lost in the discussion of Romney's available deductions (the ones to which he is entitled but which he has not, so far, deducted) is a much bigger question: Where is the 7.2 million dollars he ...
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In recent weeks, Mitt Romney's presidential campaign has tried to redefine the calendar by inserting the new milestone "AB"—or "After Bain" —into the timeline of human history. Defending its man ...
by Jon Perr
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At the Center for Public Integrity, Michael Hudson writes [Push against offshore secrecy an uphill battlehttp://www.publicintegrity.org/2013/11/20/13786/push-against-offshore-secrecy-uphill-battle]:
by Meteor Blades
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Well, I was at first disappointed by the news I awoke to yesterday regarding to the potential (it still can be taken off the planning board) leasing of the offshore land in the Atlantic for oil ...
by LamontCranston
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Every day it seems gas prices are edging higher. For almost a year, oil prices have increased by one percent per week. A year ago, $100 barrel seemed a nightmare fantasy to many. Today, oil at ...
by A Siegel
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by Mark Fiore
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The infamous, '1%', the richest of the rich, those who control much of world, are having their day, their worst days, ever --with no light at the end of he tunnel. A group of 86 journalists form ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Every discussion of America's long-term economic prospects contains some version of "we don't make things anymore", "all of the manufacturing jobs are moving to China", and related memes. Let's ...
by The Stig
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MoveOn, the progressive activist group, will air a new TV ad in each city Mitt Romney is visiting next week as part of his upcoming four-day bus tour. The ad highlights Mitt's tax plan and labels ...
by rem123
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originally posted on The Economic Populist This is a very ...
by BobOak
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After dodging US tax laws by stashing cash offshore, corporations have been using accounting tricks to repatriate their “
by The Anomaly
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by jillian
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Original Article HERE .A massive fire in the Tazreen Fashions Ltd. garment factory in Bangladesh killed at least 112 people. It turns out this factory ...
by Egberto Willies
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Today, March 25th, is Greek Independence Day, but in Athens, just as in Nicosia, there is little reason to celebrate. In the wee hours of Monday morning, the Eurogroup and Cypriot government ...
by neo11
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Over at Reddit, luxvi posted that mitt romney has been buying twitter followers . He is buying thousand by the minute, most don't speak English or are computer generated... all this in the midst ...
by joeschmeaux
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UPDATE: "WASHINGTON — A top adviser to President Barack Obama says no new oil drilling will be authorized until authorities learn what caused the explosion of the rig Deepwater Horizon." .....
by HumeSkeptic
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