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News that the Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against Swiss banking giant UBS is just the latest chapter in the curious ...
by Jon Perr
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On this morning's edition of "This Week," Martin O'Malley delivered the most blistering attack yet from the Obama campaign about Mitt Romney. When Bobby Jindal called the attacks on Romney's ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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Mitt Romney is a piece of work, that's for sure. I don't like having to "guess" how Romney amassed $100 Million in his IRA, just like I don't like having to "guess" what the ...
by cc
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Ouch!!! With an elbow to Mitt's mouth, the Obama campaign releases its first TV ad slamming Mitt Romney's now infamous '47 percent' comment.
by rem123
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Yes, the Bain thing is working, and we need to keep at it. (I've done my bit .) But I sense another chink in the teflon armor, one which will resonate with voters, who resent "freeloaders" who don'...
by Crashing Vor
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Mitt Romney has somehow accumulated between $21 million and $102 million in his IRA. I don't know what's in your IRA or if you even have one, but I bet it's nowhere near $102 million.
by teresahill
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We have a basic Math problem -- Not a deficit problem. And with most Math problems there are two sides to every equation. There's a spending/investing side, and there's a revenue/earnings side. ...
by jamess
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And with most Math problems there are two sides to every equation. There's a spending/investing side, and there's a revenue/earnings side. Want to get rid of the National Debt -- then get rid of ...
by jamess
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There has been a lot of Sturm und Drang lately about tax havens, offshore accounts and the like. Some of what I've seen appears to be at least mildly uninformed, so I decided to write a primer on ...
by enhydra lutris
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No one LIKES paying Taxes, still we do it, year after year, because most of us still have a sense of Patriotic Duty. This instinctive "love of Country" seems to have evaded some however, who often "...
by jamess
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Samuel "Sam" Wyly was born and grew up in one of the poorest communities in the United States. He was able to attend college only because of a scholarship program. After receiving his MBA in 1957, ...
by Bud Meyers
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There's a lot left to discover about Mitt's taxes -- especially his offshore accounts and his [more than double Madoff-type returns on his IRA. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/07/06/1106490/-Can-...
by Upper West
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So many 1% Front Groups, so little time. This one however, struck me with the sly novelty of their youtube "educational approach" to promote their never-mentioned Liberation utopia. First ...
by jamess
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Americans of all political beliefs have been told repeatedly that America is broke, that something must be cut and/or taxes raised or we will drown in debt. While the debt is real http://usdebt....
by Scott on the Spot
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Your bailout dollars at work: A.I.G. SUES GOVERNMENT FOR RETURN OF $306 MILLION IN TAX PAYMENTS The New York ...
by daveinchi
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by Professor Smartass
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We have economist who are still trying to figure out what happened that caused the Great Recession. Where did America’s wealth go? How did we end up with millions of people losing their jobs, ...
by fidlerten
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Martin Bashir got the ball rolling on Romney's offshore bank accounts the other day. I thought to myself, why aren't more people talking about these accounts? Liberals should be outraged, and ...
by carlosgalindo
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Republicans (and Democrats) in positions of authority, politicians, benefactors, contributors, pundits, campaign staff, “job creators”, etc. are taken care of. They are going to have a great ...
by FloridaRedneck
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Mittens digging his 'offshore accounts' hole deeper. How can a person who's amassed so much wealth not know were is money is or where it's invested? According to the $250+ million dollar man he has ...
by First Amendment
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