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Preface: I'm an NYC resident that's been heading down to PA's Buck County to canvass. Just like these guys (Neither one is me):
by mtosner
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For those that don't know, Kossack Lois Herr is running for Congress here in PA-16 against Joe "Pitts is the" Pitts- co-author of the infamous Stupak-...
by Spedwybabs
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This will probably be a very short diary, but I wanted to let people here know what's going on in PA. I went to vote early this morning, and this is what happened.
by Spot Cat
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by ari
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It's all over twitter right now, and its still developing. Apparently they are blocking the exits and forcibly telling people they have to stay. One tweet Michael Barbaro @mikiebarb (NY Times) ...
by LibbyD
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It took some time--and bucking the whole Western Pennslvania Democratic establishment-- but it's here: Pennsylvania -- this encrusted, change-averse commonwealth where a state liquor ...
by pittdem
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From ThinkProgress.org : NHL Winter Classic hockey tickets . Robert “Bob” Kennedy is the vice president of government affairs at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and lobbies the ...
by ericlewis0
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Yesterday was the last day to register to vote for Pennsylvania's closed primary on April 22. The Obama campaign launched a massive effort to reach it's goal of registering 100,000 voters for the ...
by Must Have Been The Roses
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Ten to twenty more inches of snow are forecast for the mid-Atlantic region following the record ...
by FishOutofWater
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I guess this is "breaking", because all I have is this tweet from @JohnLuciew : #gilberton council votes 4-1 to suspend chief #markkessler for 30 days no pay @pennlive But our own Hunter ...
by ericlewis0
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I watched MTP this morning, and there was an exchange between Tim Russert and Gov Rendell of PA that obsolutely stunned me!!! Gov. Rendell argued that Super Delegates should overturn the people's ...
by Hope Monger
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Any Kossak who has spent anytime reviewing the Free Republic website knows that their racism, homophobia, and sexism is rampant throughout the threads. For example, they refer to gay people as ...
by markstevens7139
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In the rolling hills 30 miles west of the City of Brotherly Love, lies the quaint and historic County of Chester, PA . Normally known for its beautiful horse farms and peaceful neighborhoods, ...
by wharfrat
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Viviette Applewhite, lead plaintiff in the Pennsylvania voter ID litigation The Hon. Robert Simpson of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania has denied the ACLU of Pennsylvania's motion for a ...
by Adam B
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A variety of news stories, including this piece at Talking Points Memo , describe how the Romney camp is going forward with 15 new ads in 8 battleground states. By now we know that the Republicans ...
by teacherken
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In 2001-2, the Democratic Party was out-maneuvered by the Republicans during the 2010 Census restricting fights. Because the Republicans controlled so many state houses during the restricting process,
by askew
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Pennsylvania Gov. Tom ...
by Adam B
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A natural gas drilling rig operated by Carrizo Oil and Gas from Texas in Washington Township, PA has spilled thousands of gallons of fracking waste-fluid in the surrounding environment. If you're ...
by ProgressivePatriotPA
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When Hillary cried , she got a bump in the polls. I wonder what it will do to a male candidate.
by epic
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by casperr
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