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Barack Obama has announced that he will change the Democratic Party's (DNC's) fundraising policy as of today, to prohibit accepting contributions from federal lobbyists and political action ...
by JJC
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The first rule for nearly all politicians is a simple one: get re-elected . In DC, money is power.
by Darcy Burner
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Cross-posted at Eclectablog . I'm frankly puzzled by the meme that the debacle that is the Congressional debate on health insurance reform is ...
by Eclectablog
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Barack Obama is speaking this morning to the Alliance for American Manufacturing in Pittsburgh, PA. (Sen. Clinton will be there later today.) It's a non-partisan, non-profit partnership forged to ...
by Adam B
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Firedoglake publisher Jane Hamsher has become one of the most polarizing figures in the liberal blogosphere, moving people sharply to the pro or con column with her outspoken opposition to the ...
by rcade
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The Freshman Senator: Tom Cotton R-AR, and primary sponsor to that " just kidding " Letter to Iran. EIC: Right Wing PAC devoted to keeping the Middle East a powder keg of turmoil. Emergency ...
by jamess
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All my friends are Republicans, but I in no way want that to be a reflection on me. I've told all these people that I'd sooner admit to being a child-molester than a a Republican. Obviously this ...
by Jerry Anderson
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Wisconsin State Senate President Mike Ellis was caught red-handed or perhaps red-tongued and not by some Democrat, but by the odious James O-Keefe (missing his pimp costume) and his Project Veritas :
by Puddytat
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As we are all acutely aware, in order to promote any cause or candidate it takes money. There are many Kossacks who donate to multiple candidates an causes and they are greatly appreciated for their ...
by TexDem
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Recently, Hillary and many of her surrogates have been attacking that Obama's Hopefund leadership PAC has been collaborating with Obama's Presidential campaign to bribe people into endorsing Obama. ...
by Tempus Figits
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In an excellent in depth piece the New Yorker's Connie Bruck examines the struggles American Presidents have had with Israel's leaders, and how AIPAC always sides with the Israeli leaders (unless ...
by Lefty Coaster
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Remember the recent Republican Fund-raiser for corporate high-rollers -- the one where Karl Rove "joked" about "murdering Todd Akin" -- with next to no followup commentary. Well that was Karl Rove'...
by jamess
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How about this for some super-charged "grassroots" support? Already, one super-PAC pledging to promote Sanders' candidacy, " Ready for Bernie Sanders 2016 " [their Facebook Page] is ramping up its ...
by jamess
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Leading campaign finance reform groups ...
by Adam B
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There were several lazer-like discussions about what Wisconsin means, on Up this morning, in case you missed it. Chris Hayes thinks "Wisconsin is a Microcosm of American Politics" ... a pivotal ...
by jamess
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When you hear the term "Swiftboat" what comes into your mind? I already know your answer, but it isn't the meaning for those who served on nor any Navy Personal who served In-Country ...
by jimstaro
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American hero Oh God,
by Hunter
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Search your memory banks back a few years, when secrecy surrounded the Koch Summit in Vail Colorado -- Quick who was in attendance? ... trying not to be noticed? Afterall, he was a new Governor in ...
by jamess
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The group's homepage. Yup, seems legit. They really don't even care anymore. Upon receiving word that FEC rules preclude naming your PAC with reference to a particular ...
by Hunter
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Your word has turned to slime, hope the business world is paying attention, though you'll always find snakes like you to deal with and make some bucks, and I'm sure many already have learned about ...
by jimstaro
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