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Just read what Digby said: ... this , for some reason, made me ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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I am trying to quit smoking. I want a cigarette so damn bad right now I'm climbing the walls.
by Rosebuddear
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Hai, y'all! It's been almost seven weeks since I posted my last exmearden update. At that time ...
by KelleyRN2
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( UPDATED : Per a request directly from Professor Rogoff's office at Harvard, for attribution purposes I've transposed the names, Reinhart and Rogoff, throughout this diary.) ...
by bobswern
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Yesterday was my appointment with the neurosurgeon to find out if the pain I've been experiencing is ...
by indiemcemopants
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I hope you find this relevant considering the time and attention devoted to religion in our politics and public discourse. People claim to have revelations all the time about god and from god. ...
by notdarkyet
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It all started with my grand parents. Their books. How they saved my mother, younger sister and I. To all extents and purposes, at the age of six I "woke up" one day at their house and began a ...
by Onomastic
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I know we have many tragedies being reported today (now) here on DK. I am still in a bit of a shock myself of what happened in my home around 11PM . Whatgodmade..as you know is my IRL best friend.
by Vetwife
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TrueBlueMajority's quilt It breaks my heart that this quilt is needed -- yet it is needed, urgently. UPDATE: The situation is dire. CelticLassie's brother and sister-in-law are on their way. ...
by Sara R
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The beginning of paradise50's quilt Our friend, BeninSC, was in a terrible bicycle accident. He was found in the road and doesn't remember what hit him. He's suffered multiple broken bones and ...
by Sara R
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In 2012 I moved back to the Chattanooga TN area from Colorado. I am an older (61) disabled widow. I support my adult son, who is also disabled. He has not yet been approved for his SS ...
by vlboyd53
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The beautiful woman on the right is Jodie, Mrs Twigg, limeyswife . My wife of nearly eight years. Jodie is a High School Special Education Teacher. ...
by twigg
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Update: There is no reason to be concerned for me. I've had a few ups and downs of late, nothing too serious, but it has me in a reflective mood. I'm just singing the blues...but I'm okay. :-) That'...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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Kidneys are your friends. Maybe if I repeat this three times and click my heels together....ok. Maybe not. Well, I thought I needed a light hearted diary, but an educational one too after my latest ...
by BFSkinner
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Disclaimer: Nothing written here is intended as medical advice. This diary is only intended for people who live in states that license medical marijuana usage (like California) or states that ...
by smileycreek
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Sara R and several others of us are trying to help Rachel. racheltracks is one of the most generous people on this site and in such dire need. Thank you Sara for giving me the opportunity to try ...
by Vetwife
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MODERATOR'S NOTE: Today's diary was written by ulookarmless. CJ is unable to join us today, but for a happy reason - he'...
by KosAbility
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Be proud pf me. I didn't completely lose it with the saccharinely sweet ICU nurse. I simply told her that I found her manner condescending, and while I am sure most people find her manner comforting ...
by irishwitch
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Here’s the thing. You see people like me in a scooter or a wheelchair and you want to help. You do. And you’re nice, mostly, so we let you. Mostly. So you hold open doors or you carry stuff or ...
by Melody Townsel
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UPDATE: I just got hatemail for being sick. Are you fucking kidding me? SUCKS TO BE YOU RIGHT?What do I do my ear hurts. Pussy boy ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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