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After almost two years of watching, waiting, and hoping, it became official this morning. Mrs Pastor and I are now the proud adoptive parents of two children.
by pastordan
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Today Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Chris Piazza ruled AR Initiated Act 1 unconstitutional. Act 1 had been passed by a majority of Arkansas voters in 2008. Act 1 banned any adult who was ...
by Daxton16
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Just wanted to warn in advance...
by JeffLieber
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Cross posted from Docudharma. Mijo. Pronounced mee-hoe. Mijo - Conjoined Spanish slang of affection. Mi hijo, "my son." ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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by bastrop
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I make no comparisons, draw no parallels. Others are free to make of this what they will, this is a simple story of a Mom, a Dad, a Daughter and the electronic world we now live in. No animals ...
by twigg
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It's simple, really. With apologies to the guy who coined the kindergarten meme, everything I need to know to understand and make my own decisions about the current US political scene I learned when ...
by Melody Townsel
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Today, all across the country, families large and small will gather in homes to celebrate Thanksgiving. In many of these homes, politics and current events will be on their minds and at the ...
by Bill in Portland Maine
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This week, the documentary "Anyone and Everyone" aired on our PBS station. It was on very early in the morning, but I was delighted to see that this incredibly important film was even being shown, ...
by bkamr
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This is a re-post of a diary I've posted twice before. This particular incarnation of it was driven by a few diaries in the last few days, on topics of abuse, including *earicicle*'s rec. list ...
by plf515
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When we adopted our son he was six. We were advised only that interracial adoptions required sensitivity regarding the child's race. We are white and lived in an area without much diversity (read ...
by santas
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Let me tell you - this is really personal. I have a tough time talking about it. But now is the time to speak. When I was just a kid - all of 14 - I was raped. This is not about that though. ...
by woodtick
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Five days after my fifteen-year-old daughter Alice reveals herself as, well HERself, and two days after she breaks the news to her father and brother, we have the following conversation. “So who ...
by laurustina
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Got two kids. The older one, the almost six year-old, is the deep political thinker in the family , but the three-and-a-...
by JeffLieber
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In June of 2007 my daughter, Kelly, was killed in a single car accident. She was only 21. My new normal is a very isolated place; primarily because most people can not identify with the horror of ...
by gofigure
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UPDATE: The Washington Post reports a partial victory for parenting sanity vs advocates for paranoid parents, aka "helicopter parents. By now everyone has heard of the Maryland couple who are ...
by Jerry Nelson
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Last week, my daughter came out. She's not sure if she's Lesbian or Bi yet, but right now she's in a relationship with a young woman whom she's known for almost 10 years. My husband and I both know ...
by Purple Priestess
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My son is autistic. And I love him more than I ever thought it was possible to love another human being. When Nikalys was born, three years ago next month, I imagined what it would be like ...
by bobcatgrad
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Maybe it's time for the female contingent at FAUX Snooze to wake up and realize what the Right Wing really thinks about them. From Think Progress : Fox News ran a segment entitled “You Do Need ...
by Cali Scribe
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In the early weeks of our daughter's gender transition, I experience a series of “Ah Ha!” moments. In each instance, I immediately stop whatever I'm doing and rush to her for confirmation. A few ...
by laurustina
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