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It was 1826. British sailors of the third rate, 74-gun ship Wellington had docked in the Sandwich Islands, on the island of Maui. Tasked with resupplying fresh water, a barrel was then rinsed out ...
by Nulwee
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Cross-posted at La Vita Locavore and Progressive Blue. I am grateful when ...
by Eddie C
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Link to SacBee ...
by pat of butter in a sea of grits
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by Ojibwa
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Today makes the 79th anniversary of the establishment of the Civilian Conservation Corps, Roosevelt’s Forest Army. On March 21, 1933, a day after entering office as President in the midst of the ...
by craigkg
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This is the third in an ongoing series of diaries profiling our National Parks and public lands. This week I would like to introduce you to Capitol ...
by Phoenix Rising
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This time of year is always hard -- short days and inclement weather tend to make me stay inside most of the time, which tends to exacerbate symptoms of SAD . And I have more tangible sadness going ...
by klompendanser
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Nestled between La Jolla to the south, San Diego to the east, Del Mar to the north, and the blue Pacific Ocean to the west is Torrey Pines State ...
by TheOrchid
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Since dumping Photobucket to become a member of the Flickrati my photostream has evolved into a visual diary. It's fun to keep track of my movements that way and it seems I'm not yet ready for ...
by Eddie C
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Note: I'm Robert Cruickshank, Public Policy Director for the Courage Campaign Meg Whitman is a master of slick campaigning. Her feelgood radio and TV ads are designed to make her seem like a ...
by eugene
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It's a bit late to enjoy autumn views. It's even too late to enjoy kicking through colorful leaves on the ground. I did enjoy four colorful autumn walks in the park this past autumn and came away ...
by Eddie C
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by Ojibwa
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Got a Happy Story is a community gathering every Monday night where we share stories large and small that have put a smile on our face. The Happy Story diary exists as a way to anchor ...
by dadanation
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During the 20th Century’s Great Depression the American government employed millions of unskilled workers through the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to built parks throughout the country. ...
by Ojibwa
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As in most large cities, Dublin has a number of large parks where people often come to feel apart from the hustle and bustle of every-day city life. St. Steven’s Green was originally a medieval ...
by Ojibwa
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I'm going to show you where my dad lives in Denver I went to visit my dad in Denver from last Thursday through yesterday. I hadn't been back there to visit in 3 years. He came to visit me about ...
by paradise50
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(This was written for a local paper, about local outrages, but it has been suggested that it might also travel to other people, in other places. Links to some of the more obscure references ...
by blueness
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by Ojibwa
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Public parks are, of course, socialistic as they are, or were, intended to be used by all of the public without regard to ability to pay. This is a strong push today for privatization by ...
by Ojibwa
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A cool, foggy, misty afternoon in ...
by blueyedace2
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