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As I sit here in Iraq on the 9th month of a 15 month tour, my frustration seems to grow more and more each day. I feel as though I have an interesting seat for these elections as I am somewhat on ...
by AquaBoogy
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This started out as a comment to the diary It's OK to be an American now by teacherken . He touched ...
by Batbird
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Freedom's Seeds In Sorrow Sown 'Neath ...
by dmhlt 66
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Guns! Freedom!! Cold dead hands!!!!!! Baby Killers! Liberty! Patriots! Socialism! OMG Black Helicopters Real Americans live in America! Illegal Aliens!!! Need More Guns!! Illuminati ...
by LaFeminista
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A cover story coming in tomorrow's TIME magazine, on The Real Meaning of Patriotism, is timed to next week's July 4 holiday -- and the current race for the White House. In fact, it ...
by GregMitch
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I arose early this morning and reached for my book on the nightstand next to my bed. I was almost finished with "Beyond Band of Brothers - The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters" and was anxious to ...
by jackster
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I'd like to counter reports that John Edwards is "not the optimist he was in 2004." On the contrary, I'd say that Edwards is much more of an optimist. For a Presidential candidate in the ...
by Angry Atheist
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"By their fruits you shall know them" Can People who claim to want to starve their country until they can drown it in the bathtub really be said to "love" their ...
by Sharpdog
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I am sooooooooo sooooo sick of this old ass smear that was started during the HILLARY CLINTON and Barack Obama Primary. Well Ive seen plenty of debunking videos, but I guess thats not enough for ...
by tanyainsacramento
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Please don’t copy the my work and upload it directly to your own blog or publication, or Facebook, Twitter, etc., without my permission. Thanks! "Support the troops, or else." January 25th, ...
by AndrewDavidCoxArtist
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Check out this TRAILER for a new film on Obama's early years in Hawaii. The full film will be out in October. I think it's well-done, even moving. But, it would be nice to know what other people ...
by Mom22
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So, we're finally seeing the truth from the debate tonight. Patriots don't pay taxes. That's the Republican stance. Take, take, take from the country. Don't give back. Don't be responsible. I've ...
by Dabblingman
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by dvogel001
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This, then, is the triumph of Reaganomics. An economy that does little else but create debt and arbitrage it, capturing the gains for an inner circle of cronies and socializing the losses ...
by jdcane
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by Abacab
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I began writing this as a comment to mcjoan's excellent diary WaPo, So Much Wanking, So Little Time , but it ballooned ...
by Troubadour
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Somewhere along the way Republicans turned the word liberal into a dirty word. They utter it with contempt and use it to convey disgust. Over recent years I have also heard Republicans attach the ...
by scarlett5124
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by Liberal Thinking
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by ew73
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Paulson didn’t think Wall Street executives would support the $700,000,000,000.00 bail-out program if they had to cut their salaries? Is he kidding us, or is he just a shill for those fat ...
by PeaceVet
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