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Jeff Corwin Assesses Oil Spill Damage for the ...
by jamess
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Asteroids can Kill . No doubt about it. Just ask the Dinosaurs! Anyone unfortunate enough to be stuck in the path of one -- doesn't really stand a chance. Unless that "...
by jamess
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I am going out on a limb with this diary. I don't normally make a bold prediction about anything. There was one exception in 1974 in the Nixon administration. I successfully predicted he would resign.
by jim in IA
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There was recent exciting news last month about the landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars. JPL has an excellent web site . Follow both links to keep up to date on the most recent news of the mission.
by jim in IA
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Look at this story, which has had a rather low presence on news sites over the last few days. An asteroid ...
by BigBlue
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Everything circling the sun does it in a particular plane. Earth's plane is called the "Plane of the Ecliptic." Most planets and asteroids have planes which make only small angles with the Plane of ...
by Frank Palmer
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According to NASA, a large asteroid, about ten times the size as the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, is approaching earth with a 90% chance of impact. The impact and aftermath is expected to ...
by Michael91
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TO ANY OBSERVATIONAL ASTRONOMERS ON KOS: POSSIBLE JUPITER IMPACT Preliminary image shows a black mark in Jupiters South Polar Region (SPR) which is almost ...
by The Reverend and Doctor Omed
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RT " @RubenBolling : Funny enough, INNER HIVE is my nickname for Tom the Dancing Bug's subscription service. Members get the comic ...
by RubenBolling
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This brief note from NASA. Scientists with the Dawn Mission to Vesta presented findings yesterday May 10 about the studies of the asteroid. Dawn will depart Vesta August 26, 2012 with a Ceres ...
by jim in IA
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This Day in History - March 21 Dr. David Livingstone It was this day in 1871 that Stanley began his search for Livingstone. In August of 1865 British ...
by bsegel
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Welcome to the Overnight News Digest with a crew consisting of founder Magnifico, current leader Neon Vincent, regular editors side pocket, maggiejean, wader, Man Oh Man, rfall, and JML9999. ...
by side pocket
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According to some reports, we are nearing the end. The two images above have been traveling through the intertubes for months. ...
by jim in IA
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by NellaSelim
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NASA’s Dawn mission has been ...
by jim in IA
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NASA's Dawn spacecraft has maneuvered into low orbit around the giant asteroid ...
by jim in IA
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During the Golden Age of American Space Exploration, we clever monkeys made huge leaps and bounds in a wide arrange of technologies. From simple features for clothes, aka Velcro, to long distance ...
by ran scot
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I thought you all might want to be aware of an asteroid that has a 99.8% to 100% chance of hitting earth, sometime early the morning of the 7th of October.
by ilyana
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It's just another illustration of the misplaced priorities of our administration. At PhysOrg.com they've posted this article . ...
by EclecticFloridian
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Today at about 19:25 UTC (2:25 PM EST), Asteroid 2012 DA14 will make its closest approach to Earth, passing a mere 27,650 kilometers above the surface — closer than our satellites in ...
by l3m0n
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