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One of the country's greatest music teachers died yesterday. Charlie Banacos taught jazz theory and ear-training for decades from his Massachusetts home; his students include many of the most ...
by WarrenS
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Ok, so stop me if you've heard this one: A Cuban and a writer from GQ walk into the back room of a local community center in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. The writer then asks the Cuban: GQ: "
by tmcbpatriot
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I saw this brief story at Talking Points Memo that made me wonder about the Republican comeback and what that might look like. The story read as follows: "Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), the ...
by tmcbpatriot
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"Wayne's World!! Wayne's Word!! Party Time!! Excellent!!" I swear it is getting nearly impossible to continue writing about gun control. The conversation, since Newtown, has just been off the ...
by tmcbpatriot
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What are we up to here on DailyKos? I mean, I know what I'm up to. I'm doing the job that I gave myself, to promote dialog about citizenship and what I perceived as the necessity--for Democrats ...
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Droning on about the drones. Obama is killing Americans without due process. Yawn. Ha! Just kidding! I bet you thought that just because I support Obama that I must also support the killing of ...
by tmcbpatriot
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Hola! It's Miguel! Hope you are all doing very well. Even since Senor Romney lost, we Latinos have been working tirelessly to ensure that Congress does not forget about us. As you might recall , ...
by tmcbpatriot
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