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I urge you to call your Senators and your Congressperson today, even if you think this is a done deal and that it won't make a difference. Call anyway. Call and tell them to stand against this ...
by joanneleon
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We know that Republicans are on the march to slash even more spending from government by cutting back benefits in social programs, while demanding that their tax cuts for the wealthy not be offset. ...
by slinkerwink
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I'm taking you down, suckers!
by David Waldman
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Teddy Roosevelt : [...] when the former Republican president [Teddy Roosevelt] was running as a Progressive Party candidate for what would have been his third term (...
by jamess
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Aaaand there it goes. Rumor has it, the administration is having second thoughts on a payroll tax holiday it was thinking about for businesses. (note to Obama: please...PLEASE change your mind.) ...
by Muskegon Critic
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Bruce Webb asked “Does Social Security contribute to the Debt? To the Deficit?” in "Deficits, Debt, Social Security: Building your Conceptual Toolkit" ([http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/01/03/...
by Liberal Thinking
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I'm becoming increasingly concerned about the ...
by David Waldman
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Bruce Bartlett is an economics expert, a former Domestic Policy Adviser in Reagan Administration, and a former Treasury Official during the ...
by aprichard
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The agreement reached by President Obama with Republican leadership, including a two-year extension of tax cuts for the wealthiest in return for a one-year extension of modest tax ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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Unconfirmed reports indicate that Capitol police have called for a hostage negotiator to respond to an ongoing situation in the Capitol building in which House Speaker John Boehner and Majority ...
by real satire
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by Something the Dog Said
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I've heard it said many times: that a true progressive Left in the U.S. does not exist, by and large. I keep trying to have faith, and believe otherwise, but when I see this type of transparent ...
by Ray Pensador
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The New York Times reports that the need to help pay for the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefit extensions, ... has pushed Congress to embrace a generational shift in the country's media ...
by andrewdski
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The dual budget and jobs deficits dominating discussion in Washington has put Social Security front and center this week. While Republican heart-...
by Jon Perr
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While President Obama, congressional Dems, and pundits all scratch their heads about how to get corporations to spend their record profits and holdings putting people back to work, no one really ...
by dissonantdissident
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Faxed to the Indiana Congressional delegation this morning. With copies to Sen. Reid, Rep. Pelosi, and the White House. (At first I wrote to "my" Congressional delegation. Then I changed the wording ...
by HeartlandLiberal
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Shortening the war in Afghanistan by two years could easily pay half of the costs of an extension and expansion of the payroll tax holiday, the centerpiece of President Obama's jobs bill. Thus, the ...
by Robert Naiman
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Even though I deny that there is a deficit/debt/debt-to-GDP ratio problem, I thought I’d get in on the fun everyone is having this month and offer my own deficit reduction plan. It prescribes 1)
by Letsgetitdone
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Progressives should be talking about this more: a payroll tax holiday was floated as an idea a few months ago, but it seems to have dropped off most politicians' radar. Clearly much more needs to be ...
by Mark Wallace
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The Stimulus bill is simply too small. All reasonable economists think we will have a demand shortfall approaching $2T over the next two years . It ...
by mickslam
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