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In 2010, Tom Corbett carried Centre County, PA, by a 55%-45% margin . It's in the center of the state (duh), and sufficiently purplish that even in 2012, when Barack Obama carried the state 52%-47%, ...
by Adam B
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Across the country Republican governors have announced major cuts to higher education budgets that will significantly alter issues of access to quality public education and excellence in what those ...
by Dr Bud
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Joe Paterno is perhaps one of the most iconic figures in sports today. As head football coach of Penn State University, "JoePa" as he is known, ...
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As many of you know, I am attending the "Blue Out" game this Saturday at Penn State. I posted a diary about it last month entitled: Tree Climbers: September 22nd "Blue Out" game at Beaver Stadium ...
by Roxine
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Mother Jones wants to know! An internal Komen memo written by President Elizabeth Thompson and obtained by Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic states that if "an applicant or its affiliates"
by MsLibrarian
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American Hero Climate Scientist Michael E. Mann, Ph.D. Each of the Koch Brothers has many mansions and in each is a recreation room and in each of these is dart board bearing the image seen above. OK,
by LeftOfYou
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Hi, all. Today’s report features: • President addresses Chamber of Commerce: “Even as we make America the best place on Earth to do business, businesses also ...
by Kat 4 Obama
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Kathleen Kane has the potential to be the first female to ever be in charge of the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office and the first Democrat to be elected to the position when the Commonwealth ...
by S Kitchen
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Tangible impacts of scandal starting to become clear as Moody's reviews Penn State for ...
by The Book Bear
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Cross-posted with EcoWatch & co-authored by Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr. " Zero emissions is an ambitious but achievable goal. " --UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Zero has become the most ...
by Renewable Rider
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To watch video please click here Moderate Philadelphia radio show host Michael Smerconsih was filling in for Chris Matthews on tonight’s Hardball, and ended the program talking about Tom Corbett’
by S Kitchen
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New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration - led by a potential 2016 Democratic Party nominee for president - has announced it won't achieve the late-Feb. deadline it set on whether or ...
by Steve Horn
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"Betrayal violates us," write University of Oregon psychologists Jennifer Freyd and Pamela Birrell in the preface of a new book that tackles the devastating act and probes the deep underpinnings ...
by The Book Bear
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It's been a very busy week for the campaign with many highlights: Monday March 24 : I attended the Voices of Central PA dinner in State College. It was a very nice event and I got ...
by vmo1701
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THIS is Bipartisanship in action, THIS is Change we can believe in.. Anyone know where State College is? This is a cause worth it.. John ...
by Losty
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