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The former President of the United States openly admitted to violating US Law and international law when he acknowledged ordering water-boarding, an action for which in previous times we have court-...
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I do not accept racial discrimination. I first saw legal segregation in Miami in 1956 when I was 10 and it sickened me. Liberals led the fight against racial discrimination and I was proud to be ...
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there are certain things that are simply not negotiable there are certain things I will never accept there are certain things you cannot do they are written down they should be inviolable I ...
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Another Speaker, Tip O’Neill once said: ‘All politics is local.’ And I say to you tonight that when it comes to health care for all Americans, ‘All politics is ...
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Romney’s speech has led to much bloviation. I watched Chris Matthews say how it was the best speech of this political season, although eventually he acknowledged that there were some problem ...
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My title comes from this exchange: First, wanderindiana asked Who will undo it? And how can we be sure that damage will be undone when our current elected officials have contributed ...
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and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. ALL MEN . That should have included Brandon Mayfield, but the FBI lied about his fingerprint. For ...
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no rights are absolute. At some points the Constitution makes that clear - in the 5th (and 14th) Amendment you can be denied the most basic rights of life and liberty via due process of law. ...
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Perhaps it is because I am worn out with too many AP students - 109 in 3 sections, 38,33,38, and I view my responsibility towards them as inspiring them to care about our politics and government so ...
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I wrote a diary yesterday about my volunteering this weekend in Grundy, VA. It was the second of two about this experience, and has the ...
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I apologize up front for the brevity of this diary, but the message is so vital and the presentation so effective and moving that I feel it needs to spread as far and wide as possible - and as ...
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As I write this, I am at the gate at National Airport here in Arlington Virginia, on my way for the 3rd consecutive bloggers conference, this year known as Netroots Nation 2008. And I can think of ...
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the occasion of this diary is reading kevin k's Priest criticizes his right-wing Bishop on which ...
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This diary was originally posted in April of 2005, and was entitled then A Statement for Pastor Dan in response to his request to show people of faith that progressives were not hostile to ...
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well technically, our family income may actually put us marginally above that (actually, we are probably just below the top 2%). We both have secure government jobs with good benefits, including a ...
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(Something I wrote two years ago , that I thought I would share on this day with my fellow Kossacks. Peace to all this day.
by Shadan7
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