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Okay, I’ll admit it: That’s kind of a big claim. After all, I don’t know what else you’ll read today. But I do know that, whether it’s a wacky conservative rant on ...
by Sen Franken
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Today we're announcing that ten more companies have made sure their ads won't run on Glenn Beck's program : Adding ...
by ColorOfChange
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Great news -- yet another major company has acted in response to our campaign calling on Glenn Beck's advertisers to stop supporting his ...
by ColorOfChange
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I and my fellow Obama for America staffers are coming together to demand that the change we worked seven days a week, 16-18 hour days for, is the same change President Obama told us we can believe in.
by HRCDemographic4Obama
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After reading one of the wrecked list diaries about Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake.com joining forces with Grover Norquist to call for the resignation of Rahm Emmanuel, a poster pointed me to a twitter ...
by EdgedInBlue
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Cross-posted at Jack and Jill Politics ,
by ColorOfChange
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by Richard Cranium
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Is that all?
by m16eib
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Our campaign to hold Glenn Beck accountable for his race-baiting and fear-mongering has been a great success, with 62 advertisers making it clear ...
by ColorOfChange
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Great news today -- 11 more sponsors have distanced themselves from Glenn Beck's television program , bringing the total to 57.
by ColorOfChange
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Last week, after Glenn Beck called President Obama a "racist" who has a "deep-seated hatred for white people," we asked ColorOfChange members ...
by ColorOfChange
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Great news today in our campaign against Glenn Beck. We're announcing that nineteen more of Beck's advertisers have stopped supporting his show. ...
by ColorOfChange
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The corporate overlords wield their iron fist again. The Sacramento Press has reported that a veteran employee of a local 7Up bottling plant was fired for ... drum roll please ...
by Black Max
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UPDATE: Wednesday, 9:39 PM -- Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Ben Cardin (D-Md.) are the latest to indicate support for the use of reconciliation to pass health care reform legislation ...
by MediaFreeze
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by Maryscott OConnor
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Rhee, Stargel Got Some Splainin to do About Those Parent Trigger Petition Signatures He is updating as responses come in from his calls to those who signed it. Yes, they did: 18 No, they didn’
by floridagal
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Sunday night, memes such as above were spreading ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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We've been at it for weeks now, and today brought some of the greatest rewards of the entire effort for me. 4 more signatures were all I had after a morning of "call & chase", the latest operational ...
by jorogo
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by storiesinamerica
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You are going to be asked to sign a very important petition at http://www.stopiranwar.com/ in just a bit, but first let me give you some background. Have you given any thought to how significant it ...
by what if
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