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I just got ...
by AdamGreen
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Astonishing I find myself using the word "astonished" or "astonishing" a LOT lately when it comes to Michigan politics. My level of cynicism seems to be rising exponentially as each week passes when ...
by Eclectablog
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Another indication of the salutory moral power of online activism surfaced earlier today. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has responded promptly and with evident sincerity to the petitioners whose ...
by adrianrf
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by matt le w
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So, one of my Kossack vet buddies sent me this via email. What the Hell? We know Bush / Cheney ushered in a world of torture but this? This goes beyond the pale. Special needs kids being ...
by Vetwife
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If you'll remember back to June 2010,
by Adam B
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I originally wrote this on my own site here in reference to progressive petition sites Change.org and ...
by Aaron Krager
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I'm not saying that it's going to happen, but I might conceivably have Orly Taitz as my Co-Counsel in a case. Seriously. And it's a case I'd be happy to take. I think that this /probably/ ...
by Seneca Doane
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As I hit 'publish', the 25,000th signature has just been affixed to the ...
by jpmassar
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Almost 15000 people have already signed the petition calling on ...
by jpmassar
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The box of petitions, with all the organizations who helped gather signatures. On Saturday, over 8,000 people marched in Oakland to call for a ban on ...
by Paul Hogarth
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I do not know exactly what I saw, but I guarantee it was something not above board. Let me tell you about my drive from Madison to Milwaukee today on I-94 and you help me judge if it warrants more ...
by WI Deadhead
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by ilona
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Manteca High School junior Ashton Lee hand-delivered petitions with nearly 6000 names to Governor Brown, urging him to sign AB 1266, which would give transgender students equal access to school ...
by rserven
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I don't need to tell you about Afghanistan. The 10 years. The quagmire. The futility. The corruption. The hundreds of billions of dollars. Or as today'...
by jpmassar
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This should come as a shock to exactly....nobody... The judge selected to hear Governor Walker's assertion the the GAB should discard obviously false names has ruled in the Governor's favor......
by Up North
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by ilona
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They are relentless. They are prolific. They are often inane. They are mostly useless. They scream “urgency”. And now they are becoming exhausting.
by myles spicer
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I received an email from Daily Kos asking me to sign a petition - a petition in opposition to a bill allowing bosses to no longer pay higher wages for overtime work. This was certainly a bill I ...
by workingwords
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This petition , at the White House'...
by jpmassar
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