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The Dog part of Something the Dog Said died yesterday. Tycho was a ten year old three legged Springer Spaniel and my very good friend. He had vascular cancer (cancer of the blood vessels) and it was ...
by Something the Dog Said
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I freely admit that I've done my share of stupid things in life. I usually learn from my mistakes, although sometimes the lesson takes a while to sink in. One of my dumber moves was the time I ...
by Major Kong
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The FDA announced today that a second country has been found adding melamine to an ingredient it exports. That country? The United States.
by ChristieKeith
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I have had it with politics. I've had it with the virulent right wing of this country. I've had it with the pernicious GOP pushing any hateful story for political gain. I hate it all. However, ...
by joeyess
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UPDATE: Sincere thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. I just returned from the nearby school where we used to go for walks or throw the frisbee. We spent so much ...
by frsbdg
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WARNING --- this is a rambling vent! Not a lot of discussion of politics below, just your basic outrage over the stupidity and violence that has permeated our society. My Mother's ...
by beantown mom
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In an import alert buried deep on its website and just uncovered tonight, the FDA last Friday expanded its hold on imported foods ...
by ChristieKeith
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My wonderful Maxsie, who was very sweet, intensely loyal, and had a great air of nobility about him, passed away this morning. He died peacefully in his sleep at my mother's house at seventeen years ...
by slinkerwink
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You give us those nice bright colors You give us the greens of summers Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah! - Paul Simon She was named for the song. It would have ...
by lineatus
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For those who may remember, a few years ago, we were adopted by a stray cat. We called him "Outside cat" for lack of a better name. He was not cuddly or friendly and would run if you approached ...
by Temmoku
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My woozle passed away 27 February 2014 Thursday at approximately 10am. He wasn't put to sleep, he died in my bed. He died too damned early, probably only half way through a full life. He was ...
by annieli
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ChemNutra of Las Vegas, NV, an importer of Chinese goods, has been identified as the specific importer of the tainted wheat gluten involved in the pet ...
by jhritz
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This isn’t another diary about the vote on war funding. It isn’t about which candidate I like best. It isn’t about abortion or women’s rights or anything all that important.
by irishwitch
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Apollo spent the night in my arms, and passed away shortly thereafter at 6:15am PST. Yesterday was a travel day to SoCal from Chicago, O'Hare, and I walked in past midnight. I knew immediately ...
by thenekkidtruth
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Today I took Buzz to the vet and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Buzz at the vet about two weeks ...
by AndyT
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The first time I held her she fell asleep in my arms and I was utterly charmed. The last time I held her she fell asleep in my arms again. But this time what I felt was a sadness that matched or ...
by mlharges
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I have read many diaries here from people who have lost their pets. Unknown to most I am a sentimental person, and I usually cry when I read them. So I hope that I will be indulged today to mourn ...
by Jeffrey Kohan
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Breaking: MSNBC has just announced: N.Y. state says rodent poison found in pet food that killed several animals. [Update: The manufacturer, Menu Foods, has announced they will reimburse ...
by jhritz
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38 poultry farms in Indiana given tainted feed Some chickens likely in food supply, but human risk is low, government says I have called Tyson Foods that has a big confined chicken operation ...
by Barry Welsh
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We cannot know all of the adventures of Ted the Wonder Dog. His early years are shrouded in mystery, and all the good people at Wayside Waifs could tell us was he was found in an abandoned apartment.
by bobdevo
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