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In a vote that already has the makings of being enshrined in history, the parliament of Cyprus voted on Tuesday evening to reject the EU-sponsored "bailout" of the country's economy. This "bailout" ...
by neo11
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Are Europe's PIIGS destined for economic slaughter? The only way to avoid ...
by The Anomaly
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Today, March 25th, is Greek Independence Day, but in Athens, just as in Nicosia, there is little reason to celebrate. In the wee hours of Monday morning, the Eurogroup and Cypriot government ...
by neo11
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The historic "no" of the Cypriot parliament to the "bailout" and "haircut" of bank deposits prescribed by the EU has a historical precedent: Cyprus' rejection of the Annan Plan for "reunification" ...
by neo11
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On DailyKos I’ve been reading a drumbeat of calls for austerity and budget cuts in American social spending. Everyone is concerned about the deficit. The question is, what do we do about it? ...
by upstate NY
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A tale of two European Unions: austerity-choked Greece on the one hand, where tens of thousands of households kept warm by burning firewood and whatever else they could find this past winter; and ...
by neo11
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By: inoljt, http://mypolitikal.com/ What country cut government spending the most in 2011? Most people would generally agree that the answer is Greece. Smack in the middle of a debt crisis, Greece'
by Inoljt
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