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The New York Times reports that Eight Are Charged With Chilean Singer’s 1973 Murder After Military Coup SANTIAGO, Chile — Eight retired army officers were charged on Friday with the murder of a ...
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Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. One of the crown jewels of civilization. That's the third time I've said that now. The funny thing is, ...
by Dumbo
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Today millions of Americans will pause from their barbecues and family gatherings to remember the American heroes who fought and died in the service of their country. This is altogether fitting, for ...
by JackMcCullough
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The Santa Barbara International Film Festival is the highlight of my year. I go to four to six films a day for the ten days of the festival. Every year I want to diary the best films, but I am so ...
by geomoo
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DISCLOSURE: This is a repeat of a diary I wrote last year at this time. I am republishing it today because I think that it's important that we understand history and its effects, whether it be our ...
by TigerMom
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The hypocrisy of the modern Republican Party never ceases to amaze me. The Republican Party leadership is, and always will be the party of the mighty Greenback. Despite this they try to lecture all ...
by RDemocrat
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Going all the way back to the 70s and maybe earlier Plan Condor was brewing in South America. There have been documents found under FOIAs tying the USA and our CIA while run by Bush 1. The storys ...
by SmileySam
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Imagine you're being tortured, held captive by your own government, brutalized by soldiers wearing the flag of your own country. In that hell, a priest arrives offering solace. There'
by kidneystones
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Today, September 11th marks an anniversary of terrorism and mindless violence perpetrated against a largely innocent population. But it’s not only the twin towers attacks in New York city that ...
by DelicateMonster
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Many people are familiar with the fact that 9/11 is a date of great sadness not just for the people of the United States. It was on September 11th, 1973 a military junta funded and supported by US ...
by EdieMeowgwick
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A Guardian writer does a nice job of calling out the Wall St. Journal. Wall Street Journal says Egypt needs a Pinochet – can it get away with that? On Friday, the Wall Street Journal published ...
by Richard Lyon
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Thinking of pardoning Ted Stevens? Dick Cheney? Tom Delay? John Yoo? Yourself? Well on behalf of the winners of yesterday's election, I can promise there will be consequences. First, your library.
by California Joe
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Chile held a runoff presidential election yesterday. Have you heard? The electorate, either through ignorance or historical shortsightedness, ...
by metiche
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David Brooks' eulogy for Margaret Thatcher today reveals a lot more about Brooks than it does about Thatcher. Brooks exhibits many of the qualities that have made him the quintessential pompous ...
by Upper West
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by 6dbl5321
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I worked 3 blocks from the World Trade Center, and was there that day when downtown workers in NYC got terrified we were next when the towers roared and crumbled as we waited in lobbies to be told ...
by MillieNeon
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It's hard not to view this as a coup of the right, however you slice it. ...
by rhetoricus
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"Peace was not made for the sake of Justice but Justice demanded for the ...
by Danish Brethren
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L et’s start at the beginning: Salvadore Allende is making his farewell radio address to Chile. In the background, you can hear the sounds of guns firing. It’s September 11, 1973. Elements of ...
by Shef
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Fox News thinks so...
by greenpunx
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