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Birgitta Jonsdottir is a member of Iceland's parliament, representing the Pirate Party. She's also a well known and longtime activist and supporter of information freedom, Wikileaks and human rights,
by Lisa Lockwood
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In an ironic twist, the latest batch of leaked embassy documents ...
by gjohnsit
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On April 27th, Icelanders will go to the polls to vote for a new parliament, which will in turn likely lead to the formation of different coalition government further to the right. Based on past ...
by Rei
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The Egyptian government shut down most of the internet on Thursday, on the eve of what ...
by gjohnsit
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The Pirate Party of Sweden has been a big winner in the election of a new European parliament. Defending online privacy rights, taking a stand ...
by Pacal
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Haven't found any mention of this: Tonight the Swedish Pirate Party gained at least on seat in the European Parlaiment.
by Zarei
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Today’s Der Spiegel contains a fascinating story on the rise of Sweden’s Pirate Party, a fast-growing political party founded foursquare on Internet freedom: http://www.spiegel.de/...
by Turing
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Pirate Party Crashes Spy Drone in Front of German Chancellor Angela Merkel With the German elections less than a week away, the Pirate Party has pulled off a quite extraordinary stunt. At a ...
by ShockandAwed
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432 Million Internet Pirates Transfer 9,567 Petabytes of Data a Month A new study commissioned by NBC Universal shows that piracy worldwide is on the rise. The report estimates that ...
by ShockandAwed
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German media is reporting that German MP J�rg Tauss is now defecting to the German Pirate Party (Piratenpartei), ...
by BluePlatypus
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The results are in. In yesterday's European Parliament electons, the Swedish Pirate Party succeded in ...
by BluePlatypus
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It's too soon to say about Tunisia, of course: will its revolution succeed? Will a democratic coalition endure, establishing a new order of government by consent? Will that spirit spread ...
by arlenegoldbard
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