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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is once again going after the Goliath Big Banks via the U.S. Government. On Tuesday, Warren sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, SEC Chair Mary Jo White,
by Leslie Salzillo
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Monday, a group of young Black and Latino activists from around the country met with President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Attorney General Eric Holder. They met, at the president's request,
by Leslie Salzillo
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Earlier today, Kossack Jesselyn Radack--who is, in my opinion, one of the bravest advocates for transparent government and an open press in this country, today--published this important post here at ...
by bobswern
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With Congressional action on the Employment NonDiscrimination Act distinctly absent for the past two legislative sessions, outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder provided employment protection for ...
by rserven
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As I noted here at DKos on March 23rd of last year, in [http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/03/23/1077010/-NYT-s-Orwellian-Lead-AG-Holder-Officially-Signs-Off-On-Total-Information-Awareness-For-Entire-
by bobswern
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Unlike his letter (PDF) yesterday to Sen. Rand Paul, where Attorney General Eric Holder wrote in "extraordinary circumstances"—such as during an ongoing attack—the president can order the use ...
by Armando
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In the last few days several questions have arisen in articles dealing with the President's decision not to defend the lawsuits challenging DOMA, the Defense of Marriage act. This is an attempt to ...
by Gary Norton
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In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis caused by the Wall Street criminal racketeering cartel, average American people lost over a quarter of their net worth. According to WikiPedia , "[t]...
by Ray Pensador
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Earlier this month, it was revealed ...
by Jen Hayden
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Attorney General Eric Holder deserves praise for going after civil rights violations by the sheriff’s department in Maricopa County, Arizona. Tom Perez, who headed the DOJ’s Civil Rights ...
by Mark Lippman
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Not long ago a funny thing happened on the way to the confirmation of former Nebraska Senator, Chuck Hagel, as Secretary of Defense. Apparently, Republicans who were still fuming over the terrorist ...
by NedSparks
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From Restore Fairness blog . As human rights groups focus our ...
by Lets Breakthrough
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This is another lesson about the two kinds of stories, those that tell the truth and those that keep it hidden. It was predictable. A year ago when Republicans in Congress demanded an ...
by Mark Lippman
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I requested and obtained permission from the author to present in its entirety this piece about labor and trans-workers collaborating on workplace issues. I thought the author was spot on with ...
by Tortmaster
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By Denny LeBoeuf, Attorney, ACLU National Security Project The New York Times reports that the Obama ...
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By Jennifer Turner, Human Rights Researcher, ACLU Human Rights Program It seemed to be business as usual Wednesday, as we filed into the courtroom at Guant�namo Bay for ...
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Cross-posted at Project Vote's Voting Matters Blog by Michael McDunnah ...
by Project Vote
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Following a historic vote of the House to censure Attorney General Eric Holder, Republicans were mortified to learn that Attorney General Holder’s public perception had improved. “I don’t ...
by eaglebreath
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In a letter dated July 23, Attorney General Eric Holder assured his counterpart in Russia, that there is no basis for the country to grant temporary asylum to Eric Snowden, since he will not be ...
by FiredUpInCA
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It seems Ted Stevens is going to jail, after all... At a charity event, hosted by the National Press Club in Washington tonight, Attorney-General Eric Holder admitted that the stories that ran ...
by FischFry
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