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This 16-year-old male polar bear died of starvation resulting from the lack of ice on which to hunt seals. Photograph: Ashley Cooper/Global Warming Images Renowned polar bear expert Dr. Ian Stirling,
by VL Baker
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US government conducts integrity inquiry on federal biologist amid lobbying by oil firms for Arctic ...
by VL Baker
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I'm sorry, I love my cats and kittens, and think they're insanely cute, but this goes above and beyond it all. Baby polar bear, courtesy of the Bear With Us Sanctuary:
by Black Max
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I am ill. I donated, fought for, and voted for Obama because I thought he could repeal all the stupid pigheaded wrong decisions of the Bush Administration, most especially on global warming. Now ...
by indigoblueskies
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I'd learned to set my pack on something when resting, a rock or downed tree, it was just too heavy to lift up and slip an arm through the straps. All morning I'd been doing the same thing. Hike ...
by ban nock
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They certainly do not seem to have been fed upon lately to any marked extent, for we found them everywhere in abundance along the edge of the ice , and they appeared to be very fat and prosperous, ...
by Nulwee
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Today the Fish & Wildlife Service agreed to take the first step toward listing the Pacific Walrus as threatened or endangered. The reason, as with the polar bear, is sea ice disappearing as a ...
by RLMiller
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by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse
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The mist forestfly, Lednia tumana , is a tiny stonefly whose habitat is limited to cold water streams fed by snowmelt from the glaciers of Glacier National Park. It's so obscure that I can'...
by RLMiller
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Scientists reconciled to the reality of global warming are discussing ...
by RLMiller
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Good news in the land of environmental protection. Today the Secretary of the Interior accepted the Fish & Wildlife Service's proposed determination to list the polar bear ( Ursus maritimus ) ...
by Origin
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Folks, climate change is a big problem, but I don't think most people understand how big. Partly, this is because we are talking about it wrong, focusing on the least important aspects, rather than ...
by Ashaman
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Mollie Passacantando, speaking on the occasion of Climate Crisis Action Day in Washington recently: Let's face it ...
by melvin
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Every day, it seems, brings fresh news and fresh images ...
by A Siegel
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Here's a video I did in collaboration with a group that is fighting to protect the Arctic, the Alaska Wilderness League . We're trying to draw attention to the fact that Shell is going to make ...
by Mark Fiore
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The fossil fuel industry doesn't like the fact that polar bears need a place to live. They don't like the fact that polar bears need a place to breed and raise their young.
by VL Baker
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It doesn't mean much to be listed as an Endangered Species these days. Not if you happen to be between an oil company and its oil. It seems the Fish & Wildlife Service has decided that a little ...
by writelight
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The US Department of the Interior has just announced that it will list the ...
by Desmogblog
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[ This is a guest post by fellow WattHead blogger, Alisha Fowler: ] The polar bear was once the world’s most formidable predator. It now lies on the brink of extinction due to global ...
by WattHead
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Last week the Washington Post published In Bush's Final Year, The Agenda Gets Greener , saying that Bush has changed his mind about global warming: "He has found ...
by The Cunctator
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