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Whenever things make absolutely no sense, I think it can be said that while it may make no sense to you, it may make sense to someone. And nine times out of ten, what has previously appeared ...
by Phoebe Loosinhouse
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It's one thing to read about it, but totally different to see it: This video, taken by Arthur Kohl-Riggs, says it all. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth about a trillion.
by Puddytat
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Also available at Booman Tribune Two white police officers in Merced, CA tasered an African American double amputee in a wheelchair, allegedly ...
by Steven D
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In yet another case of excessive force the Police in Oakland have sent another Iraq Veteran to the hospital with serious injuries. His spleen was ruptured.
by Horace Boothroyd III
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In April 2006 Charlie Grapski, a University of Florida instructor and doctoral candidate, took time off from his academic career to run for the Florida State House. While campaigning in the city of ...
by Grapski Defense Committee
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[UPDATE] New video embedded from YouTube. Second UPDATE In response to comments that the woman may be the focus of a criminal investigation, I am more than willing to ...
by Steven D
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You have the power. WE have the power. Yes - if we learn how to be citizens, including using the tools of "citizen journalism, then we have that power. And this potential power is, I believe, ...
by Charlie Grapski
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Sorry to post twice in one day, but this one just came in. Arrests started today in our State Capitol in Madison. Their target? The Red Cross. (Updated information: No, it wasn't the Red Cross, ...
by Puddytat
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You might remember the story of the officer Eric Parker of the Madison, Alabama police department, who violently threw to the ground an Indian native, Sureshbhai Patel, apparently because he couldn'...
by Steven D
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This isn't a diary of the make-up of the two movements, or which one is truly grass roots versus which one was created by funding from conservative Billionaires. Nor is this a diary about the "...
by Steven D
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As reported at The Guardian, this coming week we will see the publication of the first book by a Guantanamo detainee who is still imprisoned on the U.S.-run strategic interrogation prison site in ...
by Valtin
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On October 9, 2013, in Ferguson, Missouri, a pregnant woman was pulled over while driving for having expired tags on her license plate. While pulled over, the name on her license didn't match the ...
by Shaun King
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UPDATE: May I ask a favor? Please tweet this diary and or email to anyone you know who is actively involved in occupying or marching as part of the OWS movement. Thank-you. *******
by Steven D
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Ralph Lopez has written a great diary today about three NATO protestors charged with a terror plot after videoing police harassment. Well they were not alone. Other occupy journalists were also ...
by Shawn Russell
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I'm currently organizing legal representation and will be raising funds for this. If you know good 4th amednment and criminal defense attorneys in San Mateo County, CA, or want to contribute funds, ...
by marvinborg
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A while back I posted this story about Lona Varner, an 86 year old grandmother. Ms Varner was a past stroke victim. On ...
by Steven D
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I have mentioned now in a couple diaries, including the one on Ben Stein's comments that the Strong-Arm Robbery didn't take place. I've gotten some push back in private messaging that I should ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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Non-violent protesters do not surrender their Fourth Amendment Rights to be free from excessive force by police. Specifically, non-violent protesters may sue police and the municipality of county ...
by Steven D
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Over the past decade I and many others have blogged about individual cases where tasers have been abused by law enforcement agencies and individual law enforcement officials. From ...
by Steven D
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Many here have been debating whether or not DHS or some Federal agency has been involved in coordinating the crackdowns on occupations. Whether are not the Feds are involved in the crackdown,
by scorpiorising
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