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Dear Parents of Republicans, As so many of you contacted me regarding Tuesday’s incident, I hope you don’t mind my responding to all of you at once. I understand that you are very upset &
by real satire
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David McCabe ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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by alpolitics
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It seems that those nestled snugly in the crack of our nation's ultra-wealthy are confused about why they seem to be unpopular in the media. Many are now publicly expressing their support of the ...
by EdwardMurray
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Did you know there's a conservative answer to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show? Here's some samples of the humor. The show seems to have launched last month. So, being it's a conservative show, ...
by Th0rn
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"Caifornians should be able to know what's in their food, so they can make choices about what they eat!" This is the very simple premise behind Prop. 37, which would label foods that contain ...
by taztunes
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O.k., first of all, in contrast to the appalling Salon.com coverage of Palin's book that ...
by Vtdblue
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In a move described by Republican strategists as “going all in” in his effort to grab the conservative mantle from his opponents, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney today took a hard-line ...
by real satire
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(From The Desperate Blogger ) Conservative media and politicians harshly criticized President Obama today for pardoning Courage, a 45 lb ...
by real satire
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With apologies and thanks to Hunter S. Thompson... Unemployed? Looking for a new profession? Do you find black and brown people scary? Does the gay couple across the street scare the breath out of ...
by rudyblues
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http://thedesperateblogger.com/2010/02/breaking-robertson-claims-%E2%80%9Cgod-even-angrier-with-chile-than-haiti%E2%80%9D/ Citing what he described as the “the persecution of a great hero who ...
by real satire
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I'm sure that you have all heard that House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R) has asked business groups which Obama administration regulations to target. Well, I ...
by Julie Gulden
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In my shuttle between angst and elation during this campaign season, I have let my responsibilities lapse. It's time to pick up the limerick cudgel and start beating the news into humor. You know ...
by Granny Doc
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“From the Desk of NiciLeaks"
by Nick Vanocur
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The Desperate Blogger Arguing that the impending Congressional battle over the national debt ceiling ...
by real satire
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Following a Pew Research Center poll in which only 34% of Americans identified President Obama as being Christian, conservative radio host ...
by real satire
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[http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2012/01/08/opinion/sunday/the-strip.html?ref=opinion#1 THIS] is freakin' hilarious! (From Brian McFadden, over at the New York Times.) "[http://www.nytimes.com/...
by bobswern
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Over the years, Franken has shown a weird knack for accurately predicting the nominees in future presidential races. Usually the reasons he gives are ridiculous, but he's been right so many times it ...
by Kylopod
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Apparently, Sen. Coburn's prayers to God to strike down Sen, Byrd has so incensed God that He just had to blog about it: http://...
by RebelWithAKos
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In a controversial but predictable 5-4 ruling, the United States Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that as recognized legal entities, corporations may cast ballots in local, state, and ...
by real satire
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