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America is a wonderful place where everyone is caring, competent, conscientious and above average. America's law enforcement agencies have never gotten the wrong guy . A mistaken identity arrest ...
by joe shikspack
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UPDATE 2: Please sign the petition asking President Obama to pardon Don Siegelman . (h/t HappyinNM) Not to bring you down, or piss on your cornflakes, or crap in your punchbowl or anything, but I ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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The U.N.'s senior representative on torture investigating the Bradley Manning case, Juan Mendez, reprimanded the U.S. government today for its refusal to allow an official meeting with Manning. ...
by FishOutofWater
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I posted here recently about the Siegelman case and the enormous travesty of justice it represents. The American Trial Lawyer magazine, a publication of The American Trial Lawyers Association , has ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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cross posted from docuDharma BBC is now reporting: The ...
by davidseth
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I just got this email (pasted below) from www.FreePeltierNow.org Please sign the petition, send a letter, and help spread the word. For more information about the case, watch Robert Redford's film '
by HansBennett
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Mohammad Othman and Jamal Juma', two Palestinian prisoners of conscience arrested for their human rights activism have been released within the last 24 hours. This is joyous news but we must ...
by soysauce
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In a recent unanimous decision, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned federal bribery charges against prominent Mississippi trial attorney Paul Minor, offering a ray of hope that Minor will ...
by bdemelle
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Did anyone else notice the three major omissions in the 60 Minutes coverage of the former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman story? These omissions were biggies that make Siegelman's incarceration ...
by nora
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By Tuesday, August 18---one week from today---the four sitting members of the Federal Parole Commissioin must decide whether they will let Leonard Peltier rejoin his family.
by harveywasserman
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Okay, folks, I'm taking a few minutes (away from writing a more in-depth diary about something else) here to cut to the chase, the obfuscation, and the utter bullshit, to state the obvious about the ...
by Ray Pensador
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Mother Jones writer James Ridgeway has written a new article about his recent visit to Angola Prison and his many failed attempts to interview Warden Burl Cain. While published in the July/August ...
by Angola 3 News
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While spotlighting the Solitary Watch website, this interview also focuses on the upcoming hunger strike at the Pelican Bay supermax prison in California (beginning on July 1), and Hugo Pinell, of ...
by Angola 3 News
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For the last several years allegations that Chinese doctors are harvesting organs from political prisoners and selling them to rich foreigners have surfaced. Canadian MPs Kilgour and Matas have done ...
by Vorkosigan
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Check out this important new article published by The Root (reprinted here with explicit permission from the author). Also here is a trailer for a new film about the Angola Three:
by Angola 3 News
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We are excited to announce that tomorrow there will be a US Congressional Briefing, in Washington DC, about the Angola 3 and the broader issue of solitary confinement, entitled “The Abuses of ...
by Angola 3 News
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Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer The answer to our title question apparently is "yes" ...
by RogerShuler
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Racism has become a major issue in the context of the presidential race. We are so focused on what people are saying about Obama, what white people are saying about black people, what black people ...
by flautist
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cross posted from The Dream Antilles and ...
by davidseth
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Below is a new statement, just released by Robert H. King urging people to support Amnesty International's newly-launched campaign supporting Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3. To accompany this is an ...
by Angola 3 News
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