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The US Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC is facing its first direct challenge in the courts. A coalition that includes two national business networks and local Montana ...
by john bonifaz
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Proposition 8 should have been defeated. It represents an unfortunate backslide away from full equality for gay couples, and California now sadly reverts to being one of 48 states in which equality ...
by Adam B
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Knowing the Daily Kos community is the best when it comes to especially political commentary. . .and something I'd rather not contribute to (therefore showing my ignorance on such subject matter. . ....
by richholtzin
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I wrote a diary some time ago, which raised quite a stink . In it I argued why corporate personhood should not be ...
by Dauphin
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With our own major economic problems little has been said about the upcoming elections in iraq. Saturday is the provincial election in iraq and among the 14,400 candidates about 4,000 are women. I ...
by Liberal Youth
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The ways in which rights are restricted or how the rich and poor are treated differently in our society are often overlooked by those who have grown up taking for granted certain common practices. ...
by workingwords
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by cam
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