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It isn't asking a whole lot to not be dismissive of an intelligent person who is giving a healthy dose of reality to the world at large on a regular basis, and who recently came under active attack ...
by Sklz711
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It's a lot easier for the Democratic candidate to do his job when the media glare is off of him and onto Hurricane Sarah. But there's a very specific reason for Obama's post-convention bounce, ...
by dday
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A new poll (which fully represents Cell Phone only households) finds BIG gains for President Obama and Dems. President Obama’s approval ratings have jumped substantially, ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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I’ve been feeling oddly optimistic for the last couple of days. My cheery attitude earned me a rebuke from a friend of mine in the House - and yet I think that the events of this week ...
by Darcy Burner
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Decades in university classrooms and research laboratories impressed me profoundly with the value of the Socratic method. I always made it a point to ask each student, "What do you think?" But ...
by Granny Doc
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This is a historic moment... Barack Obama has cleared 50% in the ...
by Hope Reborn
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Public Policy Polling (the most accurate pollster this election cycle) has released their final ...
by Al Rodgers
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"Nobody knows anything." - William Goldman, "Adventures In The Screen Trade" In a Northern Virginia Starbucks tucked snugly away in a featureless shopping center ...
by msblucow
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A brief word to all the Democrats sitting on the fence on the public option: don't even start talking about declining poll numbers as the reason you won't support a public option . As ...
by thereisnospoon
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Nate Silver long suspected that Research 2000 polls done for Kos were bogus. from Nate ...
by FishOutofWater
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Cross-posted to Project Vote's blog, Voting Matters . Three weeks after reviewing (and deciding not to cover)
by Project Vote
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The L.A. Times reports today that its L.A. Times/USC Poll shows Jerry Brown's lead in the California governor'...
by nirbama
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Chuck Todd opines that the general election numbers for the Democrats are presently at their floor:
by poblano
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First, and most importantly, GOTV. Go to CallOutTheVote.com right now. Register to phone bank for at least one ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Despite the $100s of millions (and likely more accurately, $billions) of resources expended on disinformation, mediocre reporting by the mass media, and the active embrace of falsehoods as part of ...
by A Siegel
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When I asked last weekend if anyone noticed the 1990s were over , one of my core points was ...
by eugene
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I will admit that before NOM's March for Straight Marriage yesterday, I was a little worried that it could do harm to our cause. I was worried that it might begin to roll back public opinion, ...
by leftprogressive
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After months and weeks of bad news for the Democratic Party, has the tide begun to shift a bit towards the Democrats? A new NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll [showed the following movement http://...
by JekyllnHyde
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(cross-posted at fivethirtyeight.com ) Although the story hasn't quite yet broken through to the dead-tree media, some influential online writers ...
by poblano
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Just clicking through and saw Nate putting Obama at 80.8 now with 303.2 EV's. Florida is down to 55.2 for Romney (bet it goes lower as some of the stronger, older polls drop off) and Virginia is up ...
by RASalvatore
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