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A new study of population growth published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has confirmed UN projection of population growth to the year 2100. Explosive human population ...
by FishOutofWater
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In the beginning...there weren't a lot of people. If you are a creationist...there were two. If you believe in evolution...there were still only two...at some point. In the beginning evolution ...
by Bill O Rights
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As negotiations are still underway for the final draft of the Rio+20 summit on global sustainability which runs June 20-22 in Rio, the scientists overseeing the discussions are voicing a warning :
by VL Baker
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How many total ancestors do you have? Genealogists identify ancestors by following paper trails preserved in archives—traditional and digital. Although the goals of genealogists vary, a large ...
by Ruby JM
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by Gegner
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It was over a hundred years ago that Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote his Princess of Mars, a romantic vision of a dying planet with million year old cities on the shores of long dry seas. The world, ...
by kaleberg
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Dam my rivers and I’ll salt your crops; Cut my trees and I’ll flood your plains. Kill ‘pests’ and, by God, you’ll get a silent spring! Go ahead — save every last baby’s life! I’...
by veritas curat
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Year of population peak The United States population just keeps growing and growing ... when you account for births outstripping deaths and add immigration on top of that, there's a net gain of one ...
by David Jarman
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The denial of climate research and science in general is, I am afraid, only a small part of the problem. Right now, I sit in an electrified, gas heated building, typing on a fossil fuel powered ...
by boatwright
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Recently there was a new poll that purported to address the real number of LGBT people in the United States. That's a difficult task for many reasons, and it won't always result in honest, accurate ...
by indiemcemopants
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Has policing become more or less dangerous over the past few decades, or the past century? Given all the attention to crime, shootings, gang violence, meth-heads, 'home-invasions', weapons ...
by BvueDem
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Howdy Kids! We have taken the first step towards halting the mindless destruction that Bushco has propagated, not just through their actions, but through the moral tone they have ...
by buhdydharma
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7,000,000,000 and rising rapidly. 390ppm and rising rapidly. These are the statistical results of a long term experiment. An experiment with very deep roots. The latest research is telling us ...
by veritas curat
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Cross posted from Worldwatch Institute'...
by BorderJumpers
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by Patriot for Al Gore
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by Jen Sorensen
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"One day, sometime around the middle of this century, during the lifetime of people now alive, the population of the planet will be smaller than it was the day before. Global population growth is ...
by VL Baker
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The elephant in the room, we keep saying, is population. It is the biggest factor in every calculation of energy, climate, food, water, ecology, infrastructure, and your odds of hitting the Lotto. ...
by bob zimway
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I'm reading (another) book about 19th Century Russia, this one a biography about Bakunin and it set me to thinking about living through a period where the structures of an existing society are ...
by robertdfeinman
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This is the sort of post I hate to write – one lacking a specific topic or issue to tie it together and to make my meaning plain. But I've been asked to address some of these issues by a ...
by Jay Elias
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