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Video Updated James Winfrey the man (oops) who took the poster andd ripped it up was arrested! Great job, Hillsboro Police.
by princss6
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While "Change" is the refrain by which Obama will make history this November, I'd like to show you some of the small ways candidacy has already altered hearts and minds-- at the very least, mine.
by LoneBlackMan
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Far in the distance, canons were heard, shots that rumbled and boomed. The low slung clutter of buildings that was Batavia, which was to become the city of Djakarta in what is now Indonesia, ...
by Stirling Newberry
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There has been much discussion of late, both in the blogs and in the TradMed of the impact of the Obama Presidency on race relations in America. We are all Americans, which means we are eternal ...
by luvsathoroughbred
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As I note farther down, IMHO, there are few people on the planet who write as well as Frank Rich when it comes to melding pop culture with our politics. Paraphrasing what someone once commented in ...
by bobswern
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After suffering multiple virtual gunshot wounds, the "Post Racial" assertion by the Roberts Court now lies face down in the gutter it crawled from, bleeding out and sending conservative pundits ...
by GreyHawk
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As an African American, I have strongly embraced the “post- racial” concept even before the first minority president was elected. In fact this concept, though not described with this term,
by quentinwright
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Offered without comment. It explains just what is wrong all by itself. (Apologies for lack of links, having issues with computer.)
by LiberalCanuck
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Maintaining interracial friendships can be difficult in this heated racial climate. In this entry, Charlton discusses his experiences interacting with White friends he met and knew decades ago.
by RaceProject
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When pundits wax rhapsodic about the "colorblind" era we live in–or fulminate against affirmative action policies as interfering with that "post-racial" state–some of us think of cases like Wet ...
by 098brad
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I pause briefly to reflect upon a transformative event in my life. Ten years ago, I attended an Anti-Oppression/Anti-Racism workshop. Going in to the event, I felt that I was relatively informed ...
by cabaretic
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