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No, I don’t have any photographic evidence to prove that Satan’s inferno suddenly has been transformed into a winter wonderland, nor am I meaning to suggest that the threat of global ...
by rontun
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Howard Fineman dropped a bombshell tonight on Countdown. On the lead story, about Hillary Clinton's decision to suspend her campaign, Fineman reported that figures in Hillary's campaign ...
by Dallasdoc
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The disreputable Drudge is headlining this w/ a blind quote from a rival network exec (most likely Fox) An executive at a rival network mocked, "We look forward to ABC holding ...
by Hope08
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This is a difficult diary to write. I have very good friends who support Hillary Clinton. I have relatives ...
by JedReport
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Does the Democratic party have the will to win? Can they stand up to the Clinton machine? If Hillary’s fate falls into the hands of Jimmy, Al and Nancy, the Clinton chickens ...
by Hope08
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Here is his response:
by Hope08
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I have been supporting Edwards since 2006 for a variety of reasons. He's a good man, with a good message, and good policies. I would gladly have him as my commander in chief, and I hope he remains ...
by TheCrank
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Crossposted from BlueNC I have joined the ranks of a number of other Edwards supporters for ...
by NCDem Amy
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Historians looking back at the first televised presidential debate inevitably tell us that those who listened on the radio thought Nixon had won while those watching on television came away ...
by teacherken
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When I got back from a week of volunteering prior to the caucus in Iowa, I posted this diary (same title as this one) ...
by Elise
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see updated diary at http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/5/4/153155/1213/588/508947 covering Saturday Early voting in North Carolina is through the roof. As of close of business Friday, there had ...
by dean4ever
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The odds are against you. No Daily Kos straw poll has shown a ...
by Dana Houle
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Pressure is building on Hillary Clinton to suspend her campaign. In a story published today in the Cincinnati Enquirer,
by rontun
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Appearing on Face the Nation, this morning, John Edwards stated, "It's important we get united as a party." Edwards responded to Schieffer's question regarding Hillary's "hardworking white ...
by NCDem Amy
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[January 17, 2007 http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2008/01/18/politics/fromtheroad/entry3726679.shtml]: At the end of the event, a man yelled out to Obama that he will be a better president ...
by Jay Elias
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"There is one man who knows that knows and understands that this ...
by NCDem Amy
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Update: [Hillary Clinton's campaign website just posted that $14 Million has been raised with 143,000 donors. With donations averaging $125, the campaign has raised another $1 Million online ...
by grlpatriot
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Updated with Steven R's comment: Monday is a day of work, take action, even if you just swing one undecided, it's worth it... that's all Maria Shriver was trying to do afterall.
by Hope08
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No, seriously. It is. Obama supporters have made a persuasive argument that the only person who can keep Barack Obama from becoming President of the United States is former Senator John Edwards. ...
by huntsu
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by Charles Chamberlain
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