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Maybe I should leave it alone. Maybe I should just let Rick Santorum enjoy the 15 minutes of fame that comes with getting 30,000 Republicans to vote for you. (Less than one-hundredth of one ...
by Alan Grayson
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Yes, Politico. Each morning I get an email from Mike Allen featuring what is in his Political Playbook. Allow me to offer the first paragraph of this morning's: MORNING MINDMELD : As an antidote ...
by teacherken
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The Citizens United decision by SCOTUS was celebrated by Republicans because it opened the flood gates to more money in politics. They envisaged record amounts of money being spent on their ...
by Mopshell
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From NYT : There is so much wrong with Romney’s response that I hardly know where to start. But let’s start here: If the haircutting incident happened as described, it’s not a prank or ...
by Verbalpaintball
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According to in-depth research that CNN has done , including viewing the divorce papers that were thought to have been ...
by DollyMadison
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is what the UK Independent called Barack Obama ...
by DanK Is Back
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!http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/5148/471pxkentconradofficialys0.jpg! [Senator Kent Conrad http://conrad.senate.gov/] (D-ND) [has endorsed http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/post_group/...
by NeuvoLiberal
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For the last couple of weeks I’ve been slipping word into my diaries that [http://www.votevets.org VoteVets.org] was about to launch a community blog—a blog on which I would be the [http:/
by Brandon Friedman
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For once, can't we have an election that's relevant to our real problems in the US? Look. We all know that this election is going to be like every other election. The Media will narrate a horse-race.
by Jim P
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Pure, unadulterated schadenfreude is coursing through my veins right now, having just finished reading this astonishing piece at Politico.com about the complete meltdown of John McCain's campaign: ...
by Hudson
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Wow! 18 point lead for Obama As of Midnight on Oct 5th, the Star Tribune has released it's Sunday "Minnesota Poll" results for the the Presidential race From the Star Tribune today:
by Intheknow
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Since Sen. Ted Stevens is gaining in the polls in Alaska, Democrats should call for Palin to denounce Sen. Stevens, as he represents everything she is against, especially with earmarks and his ...
by oregon democrat
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Wow, it seems like a lot of conservatives are almost openly admitting defeat over the past couple of days. Great! People tell me I can be too pessimistic, but even I am starting to believe what ...
by itsnotbutter
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I gotta tell ya, after reading this blog after months and months, I've got to say...our party's candidates really suck. I mean, badly. We're going to get our ass handed to us with this crop of ...
by wmtriallawyer
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(Click to enlarge.)
by Matt Bors
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It's a funny thought for me to settle on now, with a huge election test looming on Super Tuesday. But it's the one that has slowly been working it's way up from my sub conscious mind, and now that it'
by Tom Rinaldo
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Aides and staffers of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney are listed among the principals of a new Astroturf group set ...
by Desmogblog
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Follow @DailyKosComics !
by Mark Fiore
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Both Clinton and Obama are stumping for "clean coal" up and down the coal State of West Virginia today. And both ...
by Desmogblog
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In an exclusive blog post by Lawrence O'Donnell at the Huffington Post, Lawrence tells us that a senior campaign official and Clinton "confidante" informed him that Hillary Clinton will drop out by ...
by jackbauer8393
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