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I have long believed that the invasion and occupation of Iraq represented, not the signal failure of the BushCheney administration, but rather the successful realization of the right wing ...
by occams hatchet
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NOTE: PLEASE READ AND REC THE REPOST/EXTENDED VERSION OF THIS DIARY WHICH HAS JUST BEEN POSTED INSTEAD! Hyperbole? Hair on Fire? Sky is Falling? Absolutely. If you or anyone you know and care ...
by Brainwrap
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Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jack Cafferty: ((youtube jN00rFIn8ig&eurl)) I don't understand is why we're not hearing more about this from the Obama camp. If there ever was a winning issue with the ...
by SoulGeorgia
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Rumsfeld and Top GOP Figures Profited from Privatization of VA Hospital, CIA Contractors A large global hedge fund, Cerberus Capital Management (dba, Cerberus-Gabriel), is at the center of ...
by leveymg
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At this point in the rule of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, I thought I had reached shock fatigue. We've seen illegal invasions, torture, unprecedented levels of corruption, a warrantless ...
by Carnacki
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Yep, that title is a play on that of the infamous and intellectually dishonest ...
by teacherken
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April 28 update: Heartland Institute APOLOGIZED, and took down the offending meme! Details here: Heartland Institute Backpedals on George Carlin Bastardized Quote-Meme ! = = = = = = = = = = = =
by AnnieJo
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On Jan. 9, Gail Hicks testified before the Urban Education Committee of the Wisconsin Assembly and called out Milwaukee's " New Hustler Academies " -- the nickname she and her colleagues have ...
by AnnieJo
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Just two weeks after he seconded Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's dire warnings about the August 2 deadline to raise the U.S debt ...
by Jon Perr
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He is already Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces, the most lethal military on this planet. So why does he also need a mercenary army? I found a link to a documentary on ...
by ImpeachKingBushII
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Many were surprised to watch Meet The ...
by DSWright
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Privatization, whether of public transportation or public libraries, always comes with costs that the privatizers deny when they're lobbying to get the deed done. You know, little things like fewer ...
by Meteor Blades
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Beef Sold At Sam's Club Being Recalled Wow. what does 850,000 pounds of contaminated beef look like? Don't ask. They just increased the number ...
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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In upper-middle-class suburbs on the East Coast, the newest must-have isn’t a $7,500 Sub-Zero refrigerator. It’s a standby generator that automatically flips on backup power to an entire house ...
by teacherken
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Today, Pitch Magazine, a Kansas City alternative newspaper released a scathing, on point analysis of Kansas "KanCare" debacle. Since learning of his condition in college, Bullers has slowly lost ...
by Chris Reeves
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by MikMouse
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It's a story that shirah has been chronicling for years at Unbossed : the outrages against decency and common sense that have been committed by Bush & Co. in ...
by smintheus
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I was listening to the PBS NewsHour last Wednesday as I was preparing dinner, when I heard something that made me drop my onions. Not believing my ears, I had to find it on the web to see if I'd ...
by Gustogirl
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When up is down. I have to admit, I've never read the USPS Operation Manual. But I'm pretty sure there's nothing in it about massacring baby birds. But that's what the title of a recommended ...
by James Hepburn
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by kid oakland
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