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Winning this year isn't just about what we've done since 2008, it is also about what we have left to do in 2011. The fight for real healthcare reform hasn't ended, it's only just begun. Climate ...
by Gov Howard Dean MD
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It's clear from reports that the White House is looking to court the ...
by slinkerwink
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Dear Friends, We ...
by marcy winograd
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Greenwald rips Progressives for not playing Hardball. Daley is a reflection, not a cause Why,
by Lefty Coaster
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If you want to identify the most unpopular political entity in modern American history, then you need look no further than the current Republican Party. As of today’s date, according to a new ...
by praenomen
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Here's a new poll which shows that a clear two-thirds majority of the American public support an ...
by slinkerwink
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Jessica Levenson's UpWorthy links us to this YouTube video of President ...
by HoundDog
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Here’s my list of the things sapping my once great enthusiasm for the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party: 1. No prosecution of admitted torturers. No torturer has been disbarred, ...
by monkeybrainpolitics
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We have more than enough puppets in Washington. Corporations and the extraordinarily wealthy have too much control over our government, and over our society — and that power is only growing. We&
by DavidSegal
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A piece after my own heart is Glenn Greenwald's recent: [Daley is a reflection, not a cause http://www.salon.com/news/opinion/glenn_greenwald/2011/01/07/daley/index.html]. (Since I ...
by NYCee
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Remember my pet project candidate last cycle, Lance Enderle (MI-08)? If not, perhaps this will refresh your memory:
by Brainwrap
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Leave it to Howard Dean to talk reality about the way forward for our party. Opened my email this morning in this remote ...
by divineorder
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I was among the first to sign up for Howard Dean's Democracy Bond program. Since July 2005 I have given $20 per month to the DNC. That is four solid years of monthly contributions. Now that isn't by ...
by mole333
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by mole333
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Warren apparently actually ran away the first time she was asked her opinion on the Israel devastation of Gaza this summer. In her most recent news conference, reportedly she had no place to run. ...
by Historyofthe Future
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Not only were the Republicans directly responsible for crashing the economy that ruined millions of American's lives, but for the past four years they have actively attempted to make things much ...
by Bud Meyers
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In my last post , I focused on Jeb Bush as being a very formidable threat to Hillary should he decide to run in 2016. In this post, I will focus on the threat Rand Paul would pose to Hillary should ...
by DemProgStrategist
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Here I am in my comfy chair, indulging in my usual lazy Sunday afternoon/evening ritual - sipping my cocktail and making smart-assed comments in other people's diaries. Could I relax and enjoy it? ...
by HarveyMilk
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The transformed presidency of Barack Obama will soon be tested over the “debt ceiling.” With republicans demanding “trillions” in budget cuts, here’s the president’s chance to use his ...
by laborlou
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Yes, in honor of another stupid, counter-productive Nader ego trip I am asking everyone to donate, hopefully $25, in his honor...to effecting REAL change, not just feeding Nader's ego. Growing up, ...
by mole333
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