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After 6 days without a functioning computer, I feel stupid. I get my news and information plus streaming progressive radio programs almost exclusively online. I would have been unaware of the ...
by Puddytat
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by mini mum
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Our local progressive radio show has had this call-in/email-in feature that has been a real hoot: "What would you say is: ' The Republican Plan for Women ' -- in 6 words or less? " Cheryl says ...
by jamess
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I just found out that our leading liberal talk radio host in Madison, WI has been fired. The radio station, WTDY , fired John "Sly" Sylvestor and everyone else at the station today and is now ...
by triumph110
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Sad news here in Columbus, Ohio. Our local newspaper [http://www.dispatch.com/features-story.php?story=dispatch/2006/12/23/20061223-B6-02.html reported] on December 23rd that our local progressive ...
by franziskaner
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(crossposted from my blog, Activist Land ) Last Thursday, a group of members of ...
by AlanF
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... and no, I'm not talking about Imus's departure from radio. As some of you are aware (how many? take the poll!), liberals were ...
by AlanF
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If you missed Stephanie on Hannity and Colmes Thursday night, here’s the beginning of the best part: KAREN HANRETTY (filling in for Hannity): What does this ...
by daulton
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Love her, hate her, whatever: the Goddess of Radio Randi Rhodes has apparently signed with the very network that carries Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glen Beck: Premiere Radio Networks. Premiere ...
by RodSerling
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I am asking both Obama and Hillary : Here in Ohio, please don’t feed the Clear Channel Beast. We have one progressive station in the whole state:
by daulton
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MSNBC has been trying different hosts in Imus’s slot (last week--troglodyte Michael Smerconish). Tomorrow it’s OUR turn, with Stephanie Miller, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (...
by daulton
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It appears Ohio is about to lose, or has already lost, all but one of it's progressive talk stations. This is a travesty, particularly in light of the near-total sweep of the Democrats in the state ...
by ArchTeryx
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Last month, as some of you know, NonStop Radio accepted nominations and supporting votes for those Progressive Talk hosts who helped lay the foundation of ...
by NonStop Radio
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I just found out from an acquaintance of mine in the radio business that KPTK, the only progressive talk here in Seattle, will be changing their format to sports talk January 2nd. There are already ...
by psilocynic
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I just wrote a letter to the editor at the Columbus Dispatch . I was responding to an ealier letter criticizing Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland for rejecting federal “abstinence until ...
by daulton
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AND THANKS ROCKO & MIKE STARK! Your “show advertisers the radio vileness” idea is great! I posted a link to ...
by daulton
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The Center for American Progress released a 35-page report in June, full of facts, charts, and statistics incontrovertibly demonstrating: 1. 91% of commercial talk radio is right-...
by daulton
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... Peter B. Collins, Donna Halper, Roger Libby, John Nichols , John Quinlan, Lee Rayburn, Brian Turany, and Cenk Uygur will be participating in a symposium August 1–3, ...
by daulton
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For over two years now, I have enjoyed listening to the Boston-area radio stations WKOX-AM (1200) and WXKS-AM (1430) as they carried 24-hour Progressive Talk shows from both Air America ...
by PaxAmericana
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by NancySkinner
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