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The Ride For Farmers www.rideforfarmers.org (wishes to extend its full support and strong encouragement to all those in California fighting a ban on Raw Milk. For information on ...
by Scaredhuman
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On Friday - April 25, 2008, in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Mark Nolt, a Wenger Mennonite (Horse and Buggy Mennonite) dairyman, threatened for months with arrest for selling raw milk without a ...
by Scaredhuman
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In A Possibly Fatal Mistake , his Sunday New York Times column, Kristof tells us about 52 year old Scott Androes, his freshman year roommate at Harvard. They knew one another from Future Farmers of ...
by teacherken
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Good evening! There has been quite a bit of news coverage surrounding prostate cancer over the last few months. As with all cancers, there are many specific issues to PCa, and it can be very ...
by outragedinSF
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For the past year and a half, I have been suffering from something my physician finally diagnosed last summer as fibromyalgia. Every day, I get random muscle pains at various places in my body. At ...
by CatM
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[You can talk] to women -- from the Philippines to Latin America to the Middle East -- who can vote, own property, or go to school, because Hillary Clinton helped start a global women'
by SusanHu
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The violence in Iran isn't the only horror story on today's NYT front page. Just below the fold is a story about what the Old Grey Lady describes as ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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I heard on NPR just now, did not see it anywhere when I refreshed the page. Raspberry was one of the opinionators I read steadily through decades. And I've shed a tear or two for the loss. New York ...
by Joieau
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While healthcare is in need of radical reform for millions of Americans, minorities and especially Blacks have historically suffered disproportionately from poor or non-existent access to even the ...
by checka
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This article in today's New York Times illustrated one example of the failure of the profit motive to ...
by arodb
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There are USDA "listening sessions" on the Child Nutrition Act this summer. Sound boring? It's about as basic to your freedom as things get. The USDA, through the Child Nutrition Act has been ...
by Scaredhuman
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I recently had brachytherapy done at the VA hospital in Seattle (I live in Oregon) I thought I'd write a diary about ...
by exlrrp
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Disclaimer: In all these diaries, I speak as a mother. I am horrified by what I am learning about Monsanto and about what it is doing to farmers and to food. Harking back to women's role over ...
by Scaredhuman
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According to the [Hartford Courant http://www.courant.com/news/politics/hc-chris-dodd-prostate-cancer-0731,0,3879555.story], Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) has been diagnosed with "early-stage prostate ...
by emilysdad
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Antonio, what news on the Rialto - William Shakespeare Beats the fuck outta me. - David Mamet Finally there is medical news that I am happy to highlight.
by Dave the Wave
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Movember is prostate cancer awareness month. I'm a prostate cancer survivor. I had PSA tests that finally hit 10. My urologist (and my wife) told me what I had to do: get a biopsy! So I did. ...
by tapu dali
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Trying still to get attention to rBGH milk, this petition is going around: http://action.foodandwaterwatch.org/t/5915/petition.jsp?petition_KEY=1197 For those who don't know about it, rBGH is a ...
by Scaredhuman
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Think "Milk." Think Monsanto pushing rBGH in cows, with no labeling of the milk. Think farmers being sued for saying their milk is rBGH-free. Think farmers in Pennsylvania facing prison for ...
by Scaredhuman
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I received an email today with a list of very positive views of Hillary Clinton. I believe those are the main strengths that people see in Hillary and I would like to address them, hoping I am not ...
by Scaredhuman
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I just got an email--as many others did, no doubt--from Chris Dodd, announcing that he's been diagnosed with an early form of prostate cancer. And that he'll be having it tended to, very soon, and ...
by ogre
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