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US outrage over public service cutbacks across America has found a rallying point in the death of 12-year-old Frank Marasco If we are lucky - which I don't believe we are - ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Preserving the rich cultural heritage of a state can guide many lawmakers to look at the past for a point of reference of how to build their state going forward. Missouri Jeff Pogue, R-Salem, may ...
by Chris Reeves
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Reckless Wall Street banksters get taxpayer-funded bailouts. Billionaires get tax breaks. Corporations like GE and Bank of America pay absolutely no federal income taxes. But workers don’t get ...
by Leo W Gerard
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If the Political Parties were competing Soda Products, the Republican's jingle that they would be universally known by would be: " No New Taxes ." And the Democratic Party's cola slogan would ...
by jamess
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Mitt Romney likes Bird Bird -- BUT Mitt Romney is going to fire him anyways ... larger image In the last debate, Mitt Romney said as much -- that he likes being able to fire Big Bird (PBS's Jim ...
by jamess
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Now Rahm is going after libraries and unilaterally changing work hours and laying off union workers in violation or the bargaining agreement with AFSCME Council ...
by Hyde Park Johnny
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1. Healthcare 2. Public education, including job training, college, and postgraduate. 3. Public transit 4. Residential water 5. Residential heat 6. Residential electricity 7. Legal aid 8. ...
by Troubadour
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Facts are a stubborn things. Inconvenient too, for Politicians that avoid them like exercise and spinach. Facts let us do "Apples and Oranges" comparisons . And such factual comparisons give us a ...
by jamess
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Not only are the conspirators hiding behind the Tea Party label out to block legislation that would promote much needed America Jobs, Frank Luntz - GOP Minister of Propaganda Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
by jamess
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No man is an island, Entire of itself. Each is a piece of the continent, A part of the main. If a clod be washed ...
by jamess
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All my life, I've known people who have worked in the public sector. My mom is a retired public health nurse. My grandmother was a cook for the United States Navy. Two very good friends and a cousin ...
by mooremusings
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One of my favorite sayings (I like saying it) is "Obama likes him a kerfuffle." It's in that sense that I picked the title for this little riff on Beppe Grillo, the Italian showman who's shaken up ...
by hannah
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The is a short diary, it doesn't need to be long. All you need to know is tomorrow, February 10, to wear blue. It is part of AFT's Fight for America's ...
by Clytemnestra
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Hunger is slated for a comeback in Louisiana with Governor Bobby Jindal and the Louisiana legislature slashing the ...
by scorpiorising
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Chris Hedges fantastic article on propaganda, journalism and the collapse of the free market economy, "The Truth Alone Will Not Set You ...
by scorpiorising
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Short and sweet - I sent in my check for a registration renewal yesterday, putting it in the box just before the postman came in the afternoon. Today, LESS THAN 24 HOURS LATER, my new registration ...
by ypochris
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Of course I'm a rational democratic progressive, and I realize that most "good things" in life take money. Usually money from Taxes. But they are worth the cost -- because the alternative is usually ...
by jamess
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In his best-selling book “Capital in the 21st Century,” French economist Thomas Piketty identifies privatization as one of the causes of global inequality. Indeed, the sell-off of public ...
by Gregory Heires
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According to this Koch Industry favorite son, if you just turn public services over to private interests, then somehow someway, Huge Savings will magically appear, with better quality of services.
by jamess
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The reason these extremely rich people want a smaller government is not for the benefit of the American people. Rather than depend on the government that at least has some common rules, they wish ...
by dpepperw
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