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Yahoo! Great news, reported today: Late last Friday, grid operator California ISO (Cal-ISO) announced the state set an all-time solar record just before 1:00 pm when it registered 2,071 megawatts (...
by nzanne
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Energy Matters ...
by HoundDog
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I've said at more then one cocktail party that right wing politicians and leaders will take to burning down wind turbines and PV panels as they lose the battle, I wasn't aware it had already started ...
by patbahn
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Spain's PS20, the worlds largest solar thermal Power Tower electrical generating plant came on line this week, in another step of progress in the steady march of the world's solar power industry. ...
by HoundDog
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In case you missed it, here is some extraordinary good Solar news: Solar industry has a strong year ...
by jamess
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It's not GM this time. Instead, it's that usual group of suspects including the Cato Institute, Fox News, the Washington Times, CNN, and the clueless stenographers who pick up their disinformation.
by Aeolus
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It's always a pleasant surprise to go to a lecture at MIT or Harvard and find somebody who not only knows the subject deeply but is having fun playing with that knowledge, has real enthusiasm, and ...
by gmoke
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Solar energy's mainstay is its ability to deliver electricity at prevailing local price. But, solar's own popularity may be working against its price. The reason? Supply of the raw material, ...
by SolveClimate
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There have been many exciting, inspiring, informative diaries recently about the growth of solar energy: ...
by Troubadour
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It's heart-warming to know Military Planners are busily drawing up their Contingency Plans, to deal the all the 'fallout' expected, from Climate Change, as it continues its "relentless march", ...
by jamess
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http://www.solarfeeds.com/solar-for-under-7-cents-kwh-in-palo-alto/ For those not obsessed with Snowden, Zimmerman, the Immigration bill, the Ag Bill or the 2014 election, I thought I would mention ...
by patbahn
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On Friday 11/14/14, Ranganayakulu Bodavula Ph D, Chairman and Managing Director of Thrive® Solar Energy Pvt Ltd (http://www.thriveenergy.co.in), spoke at Harvard’s Center for Population Studies (...
by gmoke
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Saturday, June 21 there will be a SOLSTICE SOLAR PIZZA PICNIC at the Somerville Growing Center corner of Summer Street and Vinal Avenue just outside of Union Square from high noon to 4 pm.
by gmoke
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You can now estimate with great detail the solar electric potential of any roof in Cambridge, MA by just typing in an address on a webpage, the Cambridge Solar Tool (http://cambridgema.gov/solar). ...
by gmoke
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Hello comrades! If you're like me, you haven't done nearly as much as you wish to take the big oil companies and the military-industrial complex down. And you don't see the Democrats doing that ...
by retro postmodernist
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In the opening entry in this series, Solarchy: Our Sun-Worshipping PV Future , I laid out some ...
by Troubadour
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It seems the role of Science and ...
by jamess
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by gmoke
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http://solarscorecard.com/2012/ Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition solar scorecard: lifecycle cost assessment of solar electricity, PV, photovoltaic power SVTC began in 1982 working on groundwater ...
by gmoke
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