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One of the things that never ceases to amaze me about this place are the people. Most of you folks are pretty darn nice. I think anybody that has been here for awhile has been having a bad day and ...
by webranding
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Sara R is one of the golden threads that bind together the fabric of this community. She has given immeasurably to all of us, and now there is something we can do for her. Sara ...
by Ebby
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I think if you even remotely follow the rec list here the past few days you'll know that there is a little fundraising effort going on for our beloved Sara R. If you don't know the background of her ...
by webranding
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Last Sunday morning, as Father's Day dawned, my beloved father, Dixie Townsel, passed away. After driving himself to the ER on Easter Sunday, his descent into the extreme illness and pain that ...
by Melody Townsel
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I wanted to write a diary about the quilt for me and Green Mountain Boy 02, and I wanted to do it when I could post pictures, and when I could thank by name every single one of you who contributed ...
by commonmass
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Normally, a queen sized quilt can take months to put together. Sara and Ann were hoping to do Cedwyn's quilt in two weeks. That was the initial time frame for getting the quilt made and to Cedwyn ...
by Onomastic
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by escapee
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Ojibwa and his very beautiful wife state of confusion. On Wednesday, December 26, 2012, Sara and Ann once again opened their home to Daily Kos Koscadians to welcome Ojibwa and state of confusion ...
by BlueJessamine
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The American Dream has become a nightmare for some in this country. For many it is a dream deferred, so elusive has become its reach.
by JekyllnHyde
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Every day is a new day and with that, a new opportunity. EVERYONE is welcome and please join us each morning at 7:30 AM PACIFIC to tell us what you're working on, share your show & tell , vent, ...
by navajo
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Earlier this year, the Daily Kos Quilt Guild planned a quilt auction to benefit a worthy cause . They rallied together and produced a stunning quilt. Each block of this ...
by navajo
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by Sara R
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Most of us experience internet turmoil and ugliness from time to time, especially on a political blog. Some of us leap right into the fray. Some of us withdraw, or disappear altogether. Sara R ...
by smileycreek
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Let’s start with the background: we share our home with four feline people: Maggie (a calico who, if human, would have grade school report cards saying “doesn’t play well with others”), Ben-...
by Ojibwa
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"We are taking friendship quilting to a new level, connecting people with needle and thread." ~ Sara R ~ In order to do so ...
by Oke
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My contribution will be something like this... The massacre of children at Sandy Hook shocked the whole country. Dr. Cara Barker is leading a project to send love to the brothers and sisters of ...
by Sara R
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Our family just returned from an Arkansas the Ozark Foothills wedding of my nephew Daniel and his Bride, Renee.
by GLBT and Friends at Daily Kos
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Did quilts help guide escaped slaves to safety? Did different quilt blocks have specific meanings to slaves, perhaps based on their African past? Was the pattern of stitches and knots informative ...
by Melanie in IA
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Under Sara's Fingernail In a box from Portland across half a continent care of Sara and Ann, of hands and souls carrying hope, good, and true from strange friends, friendly strangers, opened with ...
by ruleoflaw
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Good morning, and welcome to Thursday's opening post in the Kos Katalogue blogathon ! No matter how hard we may (or may not) try to avoid it, eventually we all must shop for something, whether it's ...
by belinda ridgewood
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